Setting the Standard for Nanny Placement Agency in Canada

Diamond Personnel places exceptional nannies and has been voted the best Nanny Agency in Toronto for the past nine years. Other nanny agencies look to Diamond Personnel to set the standard for excellence in nannies, caregivers, household staff and jobs.

We specialize in full-time, permanent live-in or live-out placements. Our extensive screening process ensures that we place only highly qualified, experienced nannies, caregivers and staff with families. We guarantee satisfaction, and our continued success has earned Diamond Personnel the title of Best Nanny Agency by City Parent Magazine. In addition to our childcare nanny services, we also provide caregivers for the elderly and those with special needs, as well as household staffing placements.

Diamond Personnel is also the proud sponsor of the Nanny Angel Network, a charitable organization who provides free relief childcare to moms undergoing treatment for cancer.

Audrey Guth - Diamond Personal

Her Story Video

Audrey Guth – Community Crusader

Nanny Angel Network (NAN) is proud to announce that founder and chair, Audrey Guth, has been selected as a 2014 CNN Hero. Audrey has been nominated for her tireless dedication to providing free, professional relief childcare to mothers with cancer in Toronto and the surrounding area.

NAN envisions a world where every mother with cancer receives the care she needs for her children – so she has the time to take care of herself. By volunteering their time, Nanny Angels help mothers feel assured that their children are in safe, caring hands while they go to treatment sessions, doctor’s appointments, or simply get some much needed rest. Check out Audrey’s surprise by TD Bank’s CEO Tim Hockey when he gave her $30,000 from #MakeTodayMatter!



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