5 Things To Know About Alzheimer’s And Caregiving

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Taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s Disease can make you feel both good and overwhelmed at the same time. There are always new things that test you and push you to your limits. As time marches on and the person for whom you’re caring becomes more disoriented, that’s when you realize how much you’ve really taken on.

What To Know About Caregiving For An Alzheimer’s Patient

Learn the facts

You may have some misconceptions about the disease, so learning the facts is important. Find out what to expect about its progression so you can make a game plan to best care for your loved one. Many places give free education seminars to help you learn fact from fiction.

Realize you can’t do it alone

When you start to feel overwhelmed, tell someone. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll have trouble taking care of anyone or anything. Here are some things to know:
Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease might become upset when once-simple tasks become difficult. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Schedule well.

    Those with Alzheimer’s disease are capable of learning and following routines. Doing things like having a bath or going to the doctor when the person is most sharp and rested, is a good idea. But also allow some spontaneity;

  • Easy does it.

    Things will take longer than they used to. Leave enough time for the person to do what needs to be done. Hurrying them will lead to frustration;

  • Involve them.

    Help them when they need it and give them freedom when they don’t. Let them make choices when they can. For example, they might be able to water the plants or do the dishes;

  • Give choices.

    Allowing them to make decisions is important for their well-being. For example, let them pick what they want to wear from two or three things or ask if they want something hot or cold to drink, or if they’d like to go for a Sunday drive or visit a museum;

  • Reduce distractions.

    Focusing on tasks is easier for them when there’s nothing else that grabs their attention. For instance, try turning off the television or radio while they’re eating a meal.

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