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Response to “No More Nannies” Article

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After reading the article in the Financial Post this weekend, I felt compelled to respond. The article states that the government is denying almost all applications for caregivers. The truth is that the government is denying all applications that are not prepared accurately. The article led readers to believe that caregivers from overseas are no longer an option for employers but this is simply not true. First let’s examine why the government made changes to the Caregiver program. 1. There was tremendous abuse of the program by both employers and caregivers. Many job offers were not legitimate. Hundreds, maybe thousands of caregivers came to...

What to do if your Nanny has a Favourite

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Does this sound familiar? Your new nanny is showing a special interest in one of your children.  Your other child(ren), feeling left out, acts out in order to garner some of the extra attention that your other child is so happily receiving. First, let’s try to understand why this happens. Let’s look at the landscape.  It’s usually the youngest of the bunch that receives the most attention, and there are 3 reasons for this;
  1. The older child is at home less and has had less time to bond with the nanny
  2. The older child may have been very connected to your last nanny and...

Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Caregiver

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Getting the right daycare or caregiver for your child can make all the difference. The quality of childcare a tot receives – care that keeps them engaged and challenged – can actually impact their physical, emotional and mental development.

That much most people know. Where it gets tricky is making the decision who to bring into your home to look after your family, and how to be sure you’ve picked a good caregiver once they’ve began.

Consider the following thoughts when looking for caregivers your little loved one.

Do they fit your needs?

Before getting a nanny or caregiver for your child, make...

What is an LMIA?!

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If you are looking to employ a foreign caregiver, you have a lengthy and frustrating process ahead of you. The key to ensuring success is to understand the process, and to have the right information and support. So first, we need to tackle what does LMIA stand for. An LMIA is a Labour Market Impact Assessment application, a process that the Canadian government requires in order to hire a foreign caregiver. The LMIA replaced the previous application known as the Labour Market Opinion or LMO in 2014. This application is an extremely challenging process for families.  The LMIA was created to prove...

Choosing The Right Nanny For Your Family

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It’s a parent’s toughest hiring decision – finding the right nanny to take care of your children.

You can interview a broad range of potential nannies, asking them all the child-care questions you can think of, but after you make a decision, how do you know that you are hiring a good nanny?

Unless you’re hiring through a reputable agency like Diamond Personnel, it’s hard to know ahead of time just what you’ll get. After all, sometimes people can talk a good talk but not walk the walk.

With a professional, nanny agency you have a much better chance to be paired...