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When to Begin the Hiring Process for an Overseas Nanny

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In a sentence: the sooner, the better.  In the last year, the Canadian Caregiver Program has undergone several changes, resulting in longer processing times for our families and candidates. We know it can be difficult for a family to pinpoint when exactly to begin the search, but Diamond is here to help! Generally speaking, we recommend a year in advance for the overseas sponsorship process. That may mean families will begin the process when their child is born, or possibly when they find out they're pregnant. Regardless, we want to ensure as smooth of a process as possible for our clients. While we have no...

How to Soothe Separation Anxiety

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The bond between parent and child is unbreakable and unconditional. It’s a loving connection like no other, which is why it can be heartbreaking and stressful trying to help a little one cope with separation anxiety. In an ideal world, moms and dads would have the luxury of spending as much time with their children as they want. However, responsibilities from work and other life demands require parents to be away more than they would prefer. Calm the Nerves: Putting your Child’s Worries to Rest Fortunately, there are tips and techniques available for helping your child overcome their fear of being out of...

Three Things you Should Discuss with your New Nanny

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Now that you have completed the hiring process, it is time to have a sit-down conversation with your family’s new nanny to talk about any important things that were not addressed during the interview.

Given that this person will be likely living in your home for quite some time, they will understandably need to be treated like part of the close family circle! Families can often be nervous when looking for a nanny, which can make the applicant process feel too formal. Now that your nanny will be a part of your home, it’s essential to discuss any remaining personal topics...

How to Prepare for a Full Time Nanny

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Now that you have made the decision to hire a caretaker and have chosen the candidate who will be living with your family on a full-time basis, it’s time to start making those much-needed preparations.

Exciting. Nerve-wracking. Stressful. For most parents new to the nanny scene, these are usually the first feelings that come to mind. Allowing someone to be a part of your family and watch after your children as their own is no small matter, but there is no better way to facilitate the transition than by getting your house, and your little ones, ready in advance. What to do Before...

Two Necessary Questions to Ask during your Nanny Interview

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The decision to hire a live-in nanny can be a stressful one for parents. You will need to make sure the person you are considering for the job is not only adequately qualified, but also someone who is safety conscious, loving, and caring towards children.

Through Diamond Personnel you’ll no doubt have highly qualified interviewees to choose from, but asking a few crucial questions can help narrow down the applicant pool, ultimately allowing you to facilitate the hiring of the ideal nanny. Family Fit Matters: Asking the Right Questions for your Prospective Nanny Given the highly personal nature of the position, the...