How (and When) to Find the Right Caregiver for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Caregiver Benefits

When it comes to hiring a caregiver (childcare or elderly care) timing is crucial. Planning ahead will save you a wealth of stress and headaches — trust us!

The current state of the caregiver program is now a lengthier and complex process that requires the expertise of an experienced agency like only Diamond can provide. Our expertise has resulted in a 100% success rate for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval, which has become unmanageable for a private family to maneuver on their own.  Government assessments and paperwork  are extensive, meticulously detailed and the Service Canada agents are stricter than ever. With these severe requirements, families will  need to begin making preparations to sponsor from overseas well in advance.  Why? Increased requirements means lengthier processing times which results in families needing to prepare far in advance. For instance, many new parents are contacting us to help them find the perfect nanny for when their baby arrives —  and they just found out they were pregnant! Given the current processing timelines, their timing is spot-on. The best way to ensure a smooth sponsorship requires foresight, timing and patience by the employers.

While some may assume that the caregiver market is largely made up of nannies, there is an ever-growing demand for elderly caregivers. This is to be expected with the aging population, and unfortunately, most family members are not prepared to make care arrangements in time. Sometimes it’s a health scare, a fall or even a gradual change in temperament that has been overlooked until it’s too late. Luckily, Diamond is always ready to help!

Here are a few things to consider:


As much as possible, start planning to sponsor a caregiver from abroad for your elderly patient early. This decision will require careful observation and evaluation on your part: has your mum suddenly had difficulty remembering to turn off the stove? Has Grandma had trouble maneuvering the stairs? Has your dad become more absent-minded? Have your in-laws started wandering at night? Don’t brush off these incidents as one-time occurances; quite often, this is just the beginning. You will need to be objective and recognize the signs that your elderly loved ones need assistance. Once you see the signs, contact Diamond to see what arrangements can be made for your loved ones.


Ah, timing. This is going to require meticulous preparation on your part: timing when to approach the subject of a caregiver, of how the overall timeline of when a caregiver will arrive and how to go about making it all happen. Timing is everything, and will likely require coordination from your family members to convince approach your elderly loved ones that this is a necessary decision. Too often we have had adult children come to us for guidance, and then spend the next 6 months trying to convince their elderly parent that they need a aid of a professional caregiver. By the time the elderly parent concedes to the need, there has been a health scare and now a caregiver is needed urgently. Don’t put yourselves in this situation, always be mindful of the timing!


Patience will be your saving grace throughout the sponsorship process. You will need to exercise it extensively when you persuade your elderly loved ones to agree to a caregiver, you’ll need it during the detailed government paperwork completion and you will need it during the lengthy processing time. Government processing is tricky for a reason, and it will require a deep breath (or three) to overcome it.  Luckily, our licensed experts will be able to ensure a smooth process for your family.

Ultimately, it’s never too early to start thinking of a caregiver for your elderly loved ones. This individual will bring you security and peace of mind, while offering companionship, care and attention to your elderly loved one. Don’t hesitate, contact Diamond today!