How Nannies Can Help Breastfeeding Moms

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Caregiver Benefits

When breastfeeding moms have to return to work, they find themselves in the unique situation of having to maintain their work schedule while staying on the baby’s feeding schedule. This can be quite a stressful time for new moms as they try to keep up with each of their obligations.

Breastfeeding Mom

Nannies can play an important role in making this process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. In this blog, we’re examining several ways nannies can help breastfeeding moms acclimatize to their hectic schedule!

Put Together Snacks for Mom, Too

At this time, a nanny’s role extends to ensuring the welfare of the mother, as well as her children. Nannies can help moms stay healthy during this period by providing them with healthy snacks that they can eat when they get back from work or after they’ve finished breastfeeding.

Maintain Pump Equipment

For nannies caring for a breastfeeding mom and her children, it’s important to understand the proper sanitary techniques for maintaining breast pump equipment. Read instruction manuals of the devices carefully or read review sites online to ensure equipment is washed and dried correctly and is ready for mom to use.

Create Activities for Older Children

With mom occupied with her baby, it’s important that the older children are engaged in activities and not bothering mom during her feeding or pumping time. Nannies can help in this process by creating interesting activities for older children. Activities such as craft kits and finger painting can be great fun for children to enjoy while mom is tending to their sibling!

Help Keep a Breastfeeding Log

It’s important for babies to be breast fed on a regular basis to ensure they achieve their ideal level of nutrients. Nannies can take part in this process by creating a breast feeding log for the mom. Mom will often be too tired after work and breast feeding to complete the log herself, so this can be a tremendous help in ensuring all feedings are completed on schedule. Nannies should ensure they communicate with their client before taking on this process to ensure they’re both committed to the idea.

Provide Emotional Support

The challenges of maintaining a relationship with young children while breastfeeding babies and committing to a work schedule can be difficult for most mothers. Nannies should be providing emotional support during this process to alleviate the mom’s anxiety and distress.

By offering support and becoming a functional element in a busy household, nannies can help moms take control of their new schedule while breastfeeding. To learn more, speak with our experts today.