Urgent Changes to the Live-In Caregiver Program (renamed the Canadian Caregiver Program), October 31st 2014

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Dear Diamond Employers,

On Friday, Minister Alexander announced changes to the Live-in Caregiver Program.  The government of Canada remains committed to a caregiver program for children, elderly and special needs individuals.

We have summarized the official information we have to date and promise to update you with details as they are posted on the CIC and ESDC websites.  We want to ensure that the information you have is not just speculative but actual new government policy.

  1.  The new program is called Canada Caregiver Program
  2. All LMIA (formerly LMO) applications submitted on or before November 30th will be processed under the pre-existing Live in Caregiver Program regulations. This means if your caregiver is already in Canada, is in process for her visa or your LMIA is currently in process or can be submitted before Nov 30, 2014, these changes DO NOT apply to you or your caregiver.
  3. LMIA applications sent from employers to Employment and Social Development Canada after November 30, 2014 will only include a live in arrangement if the employer and caregiver have agreed to that arrangement in the employment contract.
  4. For those hired under the new Canada Caregiver Program and submitted after Nov 30th  2014, the employer will no longer be able to deduct room and board from the caregiver’s wages.
  5. For those caregivers under the new Canada Caregiver Program, there will be two pathways to immigration; Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs.  Caregivers will have to meet minimum language standards and have additional educational credentials to qualify for immigration.
  6. There will be a cap on the number of caregivers processed through this program each year; 2750 in each pathway.  This is consistent with numbers processed from the past two years.

As the premier caregiver agency in Canada, we will continue to source, screen and place the highest quality caregivers available to Canadian families.  We still have many unanswered questions about how the new Canada Caregiver Program will impact our clients and caregivers now and in the future.  By November 30th, further details will be posted and we will send regular updates as this information becomes available.

Our promise to you, our valued client, as Canada’s most ethical, compliant source of exceptional caregivers, is to continue to provide an outstanding client experience, within the new program regulations.   Thank you for your wonderful referrals and endorsements.  We deeply appreciate your confidence.

Warm Regards,
Shauna Guth
Director of Placements and Operations
Diamond Personnel
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