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Hello Diamond Nannies,

The times they are a changing!!! As you know the Canadian Government has ended what was called the “Live in Caregiver Program”.  It has been replaced by the “Canadian Caregiver Program”.  The new program is no longer an immigration program, it is an employment program.  Gone are the days of automatic permanent residence status.  The requirements to work in Canada as a caregiver have not changed. However, the requirements to apply for permanent residency have changed.  You may still be eligible to come to Canada with only 2 years of college (equivalent of 72 units in the Philippines). But, you will need an additional year of college to meet immigration requirements. You will also need level 5 EILTS and 24 months of related work experience in Canada to apply for immigration.  There is now an annual cap on the number of applications for permanent residency for caregivers that did not exist in the old program.  The government will accept 2750 in the Childcare stream and 2750 in the High Medical Needs stream.

So what does this mean for you?  

Caregivers currently in Canada and those who have LMIA’s/Visas currently in process
You are the lucky ones!  Since you entered Canada under the Live in Caregiver Program, you are still under the old Live in Caregiver Program rules and regulations.  That means if you remain with your current employer and complete the 24 months of service, you will be eligible to apply for permanent residency without having to meet the new requirements. You will not have to take the IELTS testing and you will not be subject to the cap.  You will also be able to immigrate without the extra year of college if you only have 72 units. Please note this is very important; it also means that you are required to honour the terms of your current contract with your employer.  Since you are under the Live in Caregiver Program, you are still required to live-in.  Your employer may continue to deduct room and board as per your original contract.

So there are pros and cons.  We are very concerned about the nannies who may think it is better to find a new employer and change to the new Canadian Caregiver Program.  You may believe that it is better to find another job but actually it is very risky and we will tell you why.  First, the government has made it so incredibly difficult for an employer to get permission to hire a caregiver from overseas. The new LMIA is so hard that we are sure no employer will even attempt to do it by themselves anymore.  What does this mean?  It will be much more difficult to find an employer that will be successful in obtaining an LMIA to hire you.  Secondly, should you select the new program; you will be subject to the English testing, additional education requirements and the new quota. Remember, you must complete the 24 months within four years. If circumstances prevent you from doing this, you will be automatically sent home and cannot reapply to work in Canada for four years.

We at Diamond, are highly invested in your future and helping you to realize your dreams of immigrating to our amazing country.  We truly believe that the best way to secure your future is to complete your contract with your current employer.  Our best advice, and you know that we always provide you with truthful information, FINISH YOUR CONTRACTS with your current employer.

Our Diamond Immigration Team (www.diamondimmigration.com) is fully staffed with licensed immigration consultants who are experts in applications for permanent residence.  It is a good idea to have professional help.  As Diamond caregivers, you have experienced the care we take to insure your success.  We have a special rate available for PR applications for our Diamond Nannies.  Please feel free to contact us for details at 416-730-9081.

Caregivers currently in Hong Kong
We are so pleased to tell you the requirements for entering Canada as a caregiver have not changed.  Diamond will still place applicants that have successfully met the Diamond requirements. Although the government has removed the “live in” component of the position, Diamond does not have a demand for live out caregivers from abroad.  Our job offers will have a contractual arrangement between the caregiver and the employer outlining the job specific hours and accommodation.  Room and board will not be deducted. If both parties agree to a live in arrangement, it will be provided to you by the employer.  As caregivers under the new Canadian Caregiver Program, you will have four years maximum to complete your requirements to immigrate to Canada.  You may study to obtain your additional educational requirements, however, you will be considered an international student and those tuition fees are very expensive.  You will be required to take the EILTS exam and obtain a score of at least level 5.  You will have to prove that you have at least 24 months of experience in either childcare or eldercare in Canada.  You will be applying under the new program with the caps in place. You must be approved for immigration within four years. If there are more applicants than places available, you will have to return home for a period of four years and only after that, may apply again to work in Canada.

If you are a new applicant interested in applying to Diamond, Diamond will be accepting new applications effective June 2015 and will send updates regarding our future recruitment trips to Hong Kong.

So what do these changes mean for Diamond?

Diamond has always been the most trusted caregiver agency in Canada.  Unlike other agencies that rely on employers who expect caregivers to pay recruitment fees and airfare, Diamond families are Canada’s top employers who value our service and pay their nannies fairly. Since the caregiver program has become expensive for employers, we anticipate that the unscrupulous agencies will disappear.

Diamond will continue to be the agency of choice for those employers who not only can afford the best and want the best care for their families, but treat their caregivers with respect. We expect 2015 to be an absolutely amazing year and look forward to helping you achieve your goal of coming to Canada as a caregiver and achieve permanent residence status. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

With Warmest Regards,
Shauna Guth
Director of Placements and Operations
Diamond Personnel
(416) 730-8866 ext 226