How To Encourage Elderly Parents To Accept In-Home Care

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The decision to provide your parents with in-home care is one that should be given careful consideration. It can be difficult to ask stubborn parents to accept help and support around the home from caregivers.

Your parents may have supported themselves for decades and may feel that you’re asking them to limit their lifestyle and to sacrifice their autonomy. In this article, we’ll take a look at the steps to encourage parents to accept in-home care from a specialist.
  1. Speak One-on-One with the Most Independent Parent
  2. Parents often age at different rates. This can mean that either your mother...

Getting Your Parents Comfortable With A Caregiver

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The transition to having a caregiver assist your parent can be a smooth one, and there are always steps that you can take to make things better. New arrangements will take time to settle, but given enough patience and flexibility, the relationship between your parent and his or her caregiver can be a very positive one.

Friendly faces

Familiarity helps because people need to know who to trust. Being on the receiving end of caregiving takes a lot of courage, so you can help by making sure that your parent recognizes and feels comfortable with the person hired...

Caregiver Tips: How To Handle Behavior Changes Of Elderly Patients

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Serving as a caregiver can be physically and emotionally taxing at the best of times, but if you’re assisting elderly patients, then you need to be prepared for some unpredictability.

While it can be very rewarding to assist elderly patients with normal everyday activities that they can no longer do independently, you need to be prepared for possible behavior changes among this demographic. The reason for this is that elderly patients who are usually soft-spoken, friendly and appreciative can sometimes exhibit a profound personality change due to a whole range of reasons – many of which have nothing to...

Nanny Tips: How to Handle Temper Tantrums

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Tantrums are, sadly, run of the mill when it comes to dealing with children. Most kids throw them on nearly a weekly basis, but it’s essential that you don’t let them interfere with you doing your job.

Why do Kids Throw Tantrums? Young kids throw tantrums, but older ones usually do not. Why is this? Is it that kids feel emotions more strongly? Not the case, as it turns out. Kids do not grow out of emotions, but they do learn better communication strategies for expressing them. Tantrums are fundamentally a communication attempt. Just think: how many toddlers have tantrums when no-one...

How Nannies Can Help Breastfeeding Moms

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When breastfeeding moms have to return to work, they find themselves in the unique situation of having to maintain their work schedule while staying on the baby’s feeding schedule. This can be quite a stressful time for new moms as they try to keep up with each of their obligations.

Nannies can play an important role in making this process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. In this blog, we’re examining several ways nannies can help breastfeeding moms acclimatize to their hectic schedule! Put Together Snacks for Mom, Too At this time, a nanny’s role extends to ensuring the welfare of the mother,...