Soft Skills: The Missing Pieces

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Soft Skills: The Missing Pieces What is a Soft Skill? We all know about hard skills: reading, writing, typing, etc. These are the technical skills that you learn in school and from different experiences throughout life. For example, if you were a housekeeper, your hard skills might be: cleaning, cooking, and doing laundry. You know it takes much more than that to have a successful career as a Housekeeper. But have you ever tried to define these seemingly intangible qualities? This is where the term Soft Skills becomes important. The dictionary defines Soft Skills as “personal attributes that enable someone to...

Making the Most of Your Interview: How to Beat the Odds

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Making the Most of your Interview: How to Beat the Odds You’ve done it; you found a job that sounds like a great fit, you successfully landed the interview and you’re on your way to being placed with the perfect family. How can you help make sure that happens? Our team at Diamond Personnel has your best interests in mind so we have come up with 5 ideas to help you be more prepared for your next interview. Know Yourself You know what you’ve done but sometimes we tend to sell ourselves short when we are under pressure. It is important...

Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Caregiver

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Getting the right daycare or caregiver for your child can make all the difference. The quality of childcare a tot receives – care that keeps them engaged and challenged – can actually impact their physical, emotional and mental development.

That much most people know. Where it gets tricky is making the decision who to bring into your home to look after your family, and how to be sure you’ve picked a good caregiver once they’ve began.

Consider the following thoughts when looking for caregivers your little loved one.

Do they fit your needs?

Before getting a nanny or caregiver for your child, make...

Choosing The Right Nanny For Your Family

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It’s a parent’s toughest hiring decision – finding the right nanny to take care of your children.

You can interview a broad range of potential nannies, asking them all the child-care questions you can think of, but after you make a decision, how do you know that you are hiring a good nanny?

Unless you’re hiring through a reputable agency like Diamond Personnel, it’s hard to know ahead of time just what you’ll get. After all, sometimes people can talk a good talk but not walk the walk.

With a professional, nanny agency you have a much better chance to be paired...

When to Begin the Hiring Process for an Overseas Nanny

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In a sentence: the sooner, the better.  In the last year, the Canadian Caregiver Program has undergone several changes, resulting in longer processing times for our families and candidates. We know it can be difficult for a family to pinpoint when exactly to begin the search, but Diamond is here to help! Generally speaking, we recommend a year in advance for the overseas sponsorship process. That may mean families will begin the process when their child is born, or possibly when they find out they're pregnant. Regardless, we want to ensure as smooth of a process as possible for our clients. While we have no...