When Is It Time To Find Help For An Elder Family Member?

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Elder Family Member

Someone you love is getting older and beginning to show signs of needing help.

Maybe you’ve noticed your Dad’s mail is not being opened. Or your Mom, who usually always looks so together, is not taking care of herself like she used to by dressing up and doing her hair.

Finding Help For Elderly Family Members

Older people don’t like to ask for extra help. People don’t want to lose their independence.

Here are are some signs your aging loved one may need a helping hand at home:

  • Food has gone bad, but doesn’t get thrown away;
  • Missing appointments;
  • Bruising with no explanations;
  • Arising after being seated;
  • Trouble balancing when walking;
  • Tasks that were easy and commonplace become difficult;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Bad body odour;
  • Not showering or bathing very often;
  • Strong urine smell in the house;
  • Grooming habits are becoming poor;
  • The house is dirty and cluttered with piled up laundry;
  • Mail is left unopened;
  • Bills aren’t paid on time, cheques are NSF; bill collectors are calling;
  • Not eating well and losing weight;
  • No joy in hobbies or doing things they once enjoyed;
  • Mood changes or mood swings;
  • Forgetfulness;
  • Doctor diagnosed dementia;
  • Unexplained dents or scratches on the car;
  • Recent accidents or near accidents;
  • A chronic health condition that’s getting worse like congestive heart failure or emphysema;
  • Clutter;
  • Poor housekeeping. Physical limitations can stop your family member from properly taking care of his or her environment.

If your loved one leads a rich life, has wonderful people surrounding him or her in friends and neighbours and still seems to be doing well, we’ll help you look into as many in-home care alternatives as possible instead of creating stress by taking the person out of his or her home environment.

Diamond Personnel’s Elderly Care Services will give your loved one personal care from someone trained to give specialized care – the kind of care unavailable in an institutionalized setting. Many caregivers will also help with household chores like cooking and cleaning.

Our caregivers have vast eldercare experience and many have completed specialized geriatric training. It’s a five-day workweek for most of our staff and arrangements can be made to have someone available for around-the-clock care and on weekends as well.

Call Diamond Personnel today to discuss how we can help you care for the aging senior in your life.