9 Must Haves in a Nanny Bag

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Full Time Nanny

If you need to hire a nanny, you might feel a little bit apprehensive about relinquishing some control over the care of your child. But by asking around for recommendations, interviewing would-be candidates and doing a bit of due diligence, you can definitely find a suitable nanny to take care of your child when you’re at work or at play.

Nanny Bag

One thing parents should do once they find the right nanny, or alternatively something a nanny should do upon being hired by a new family, is put together a nanny bag that contains some essential items to ensure the children get the best care possible.

While there are lots of items that you can potentially put in a nanny bag, there are some staples that need to be included. Here are Diamond Personnel’s must-haves in a nanny bag!

1. First aid kit

A nanny bag definitely needs a first aid kid. Things like band-aids, anti-histamine for stings and bites, blister dressing treatment pads, anti-inflammatory gel and alcohol wipes are just a few of the things you should have in your on-hand emergency supplies. You also need to ensure that either the person caring for your child or yourself, if you’re the nanny, is not only is familiar with everything in the first aid kit, but also is competent enough to know when to use the items and how to use them safely.

2. Information is power

Somewhere in the nanny bag, you need to include dome documentation as to emergency contact numbers. This way, the correct people will be able to be contacted should the situation warrant it.

3. Nurturing the artist within

Include some crayons and a few pages out of a coloring book. This will ensure that the nanny will be able to keep child occupied if need be. A bored child is a cranky child; including fun activities in the nanny bag will give the children a critical tool that can help to keep the peace while encouraging their artistic abilities.

4. Medical history and medications

A large part of a nanny’s job is to ensure that they’re fully educated on any medications a child takes, as well as any allergies they have. A list of essential medical information, as well as the medications themselves, should be on-hand at all times.

5. Clean up

A nanny bag should definitely include wet wipes and tissues to take care of any mess sure to happen when a young child is around. These products will also help to keep the child’s — not to mention the nanny’s — hands clean, which will cut down on the transmission of germs and will help keep everyone healthy.

6. A bit of ‘flex money’

A nanny should always have a small sum of money in the event that something unplanned for needs to be purchased for the child. This is all the more important if the child and nanny will be away for more than a few hours.

7. Extra gear

You want to be prepared for all types of weather, because it can get volatile! An experienced nanny will always have a collapsible umbrella, a rain poncho, extra socks (adult and child-sized), extra clothing for the children like pants and sweaters, and of course, hats, scarves and mitts. Kids are always losing items, clothing gets dirty or torn, and the temperatures can take a sudden turn. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

8. Have an extra key in your pocket.

After a day of tobogganing, sliding or chasing the kids around, it can be easy to misplace the house key. The last thing you want is to be locked outside of the house with tired, cranky and hungry kids. Rather than trouble your employers’ with a frantic call, make sure you have a spare key on your person or hidden outside of the home for emergencies. Inform your employers’ immediately about your misplaced keys so that the necessary steps can be taken to ensure safety and security for everyone.

9. Bring an external phone charger with you at all times

Your focus is on the kids, so that means no cell phone use. However, it is your job to remain accessible to your employers’ incases of emergency, or even if they just want an update. Nothing is more alarming to a parent than not being able to connect with their nanny. Make sure to carry an external phone charger in your bag – they vary in size and power, so it’s easy to find pocket-sized options.

The aforementioned items of must-haves are just the beginning. Ensure that your nanny bag is properly stocked, and you’ll find that your child will be covered and cared for, no matter what the situation!.