Is a Nanny Share a Good Idea?

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Many busy families are now turning to nannies to help them with their day-to-day household and childcare tasks, but sometimes the expense of a full-time nanny can be difficult for the modern family to afford.

Sharing A Nanny

This is the reason thousands across North America are reviewing the idea of a nanny share program with other families in their area. The nanny share process involves sharing the nanny’s time with other families in order to enjoy the benefits nanny care offers while limiting the cost per child.

Within this post, we’ll examine the pros and cons of choosing to nanny share with friends and families.

The Benefits of Nanny Share

    • Greater Interaction for Children

Playing with their friends will allow children to create lasting friendships from a young age. It will also ensure they have some one-on-one time with the nanny while playing within an engaging and fun environment with their friends. This can be a helpful socialization process for young children.

However each parent raises their child differently. If your children are with other kids all day, it’s likely that the parenting tactics of that child could rub off on your own offspring.

    • Allows for Flexible Scheduling

Two families can work together to create the schedule for the week. For those with constantly changing schedules, this type of flexibility means they simply have to communicate with the other family, rather than arranging new care options, as they would if the child was in a daycare.

    • It Could Give the Nanny More Job Satisfaction

A nanny may prefer a nanny share option. They can often make a higher salary caring for two or more children from different families, while they will also enjoy a more flexible schedule for their personal life. This is not true, many nannies are compensated for the same amount as if they were working with one family. This is a financial lost for caregivers: double the work, double the personalities without double the pay.

The Cons of Nanny Share

    • It is Often Difficult for a Nanny to Accommodate Two or more Children from two different families

One of the leading challenges of the nanny share process is finding a nanny that is able to accommodate two children and two sets of household duties. They might be unable to integrate this level of work within their schedule, therefore causing families further difficulties if they do accept this role.

    • Coordinating Care with Other Families

Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate with other families. For example, there might be a time when the nanny is scheduled but not required by one family, but is still needed on that day by the other family. This can lead to tension in friendships, so it’s important that all potential scheduling issues are resolved before beginning the process.

    • The Process May become More Expensive than Daycare

It’s important to analyze the nanny’s experience and their weekly costs to ensure value for money. Some families may find the process becomes more expensive than daycare and other child care options, which then may lead to financial hardship. I have not personally seen this occur for any families that have tried nanny shares. More than anything, the issues arise from clashing personalities, demands over the nanny’s time and different parenting styles, rather than cost.

Whether you’re looking for a nanny share or a private nanny, the most important thing is to ensure you’re getting quality care for your child. While private may cost more in the short term, the love and support provided to your child during a time where it’s most vital is well worth the investment in the long run.

For more information on which option is best for your needs and your family, contact our team today!