Should You Invest In A Nanny Cam?

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Nanny Cam

A nanny cam is a hidden camera that allows parents to keep an eye on family members and other people who come into the home. Many people will think that there’s nothing wrong with constant surveillance, and that it will help keep their loved ones safe.

Nanny Cam

The truth is nanny cams only tell part of the story, can intrude on personal space, and is far from being a replacement for hiring people who are trustworthy and qualified to begin with.

Respecting personal space

Nanny cams don’t just film babysitters, they also record the actions of your family members. Your family deserves privacy, and room to be themselves without fear of judgment or criticism. In addition, if your nanny isn’t doing anything wrong, you are violating his or her trust. There is also the issue of legality, as you will need to make sure that you avoid filming nudity.

It’s not effective

If you want to reassure yourself that everything is going well with the nanny and your children, impromptu visits home will provide you with an insight of your nanny’s performance and skill. A nanny cam already sows the seeds of distrust and uncertainty, but an unexpected return home is normal and will allow you a peek into what your nanny does with you children.

Hiring someone you trust

The intention of the nanny cam is to catch the person in the act of harming your family or your property, but why wait for those bad things to happen? Unlike the law or other similar measures, it doesn’t have the effect of a functional deterrent, unless you and your nanny have agreed to use it as a quality control measure. Either way, to actually keep your family safe, hire someone who you know will do the job well.

At Diamond Personnel, we have a system in place to find, select, hire, and train our talent. After preparing them for the role, we carefully match them to our client needs so you find what you’re looking for. Our Nanny Success System is an ongoing training and communication tool to help the nanny learn your preferences, schedule, and expectations, put in place so that everything will run smoothly.