Choosing The Right Nanny For Your Family

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Nanny Interview

It’s a parent’s toughest hiring decision – finding the right nanny to take care of your children.


You can interview a broad range of potential nannies, asking them all the child-care questions you can think of, but after you make a decision, how do you know that you are hiring a good nanny?

Unless you’re hiring through a reputable agency like Diamond Personnel, it’s hard to know ahead of time just what you’ll get. After all, sometimes people can talk a good talk but not walk the walk.

With a professional, nanny agency you have a much better chance to be paired with someone who’s nanny abilities are superior to others in the industry. But when you’re hiring a nanny on your own, it’s your responsibility to ensure you make the right decision. Observing your potential nanny’s interaction with your children, assessing her attitude while on the job, and her judgement and ability to care for your children will give you a steadfast answer as to whether or not you’ve made the right choice.

Without a doubt, going with an award winning, professional nanny agency will give you peace of mind and confidence knowing you’ve hired someone who will give your family exceptional care, but not everyone choses to go that route. If you’ve hired on your own, here are a few tips on how to identify if your nanny has the right stuff:

The nanny takes your kids on educational adventures

A good nanny will take advantage of opportunities to teach kids new things, and show them new experiences. These aren’t hard to think of – outings to the nearby park, going on a hike, attending children’s events in the community and even journeys to a child-friendly museum are all good ideas here.

If they’re showing commitment to helping develop your child’s enthusiasm towards learning about the world, they’ll be sure to leave a positive impact on their life. Even if children are too young to remember the outings or lessons, it’s still instilling a curiosity to learn, which will carry over to their scholastic lives.

The kids aren’t left to veg out in front of the TV

A good nanny also doesn’t just park your children in front of the television. Instead, she will be constantly interacting with them, playing games, helping them learn new things, and even getting a bit of exercise. Even simple tasks like helping prepare lunch or breakfast are signs your child is being engaged.

Friendly and excited to see the children

If your nanny is exceptional, she’ll be eager every day to see your children. This is something that can be hard to assess until she’s actually working for you, but people always know what it is when they see it. The nanny will be engaged and engaging with your child, and the energy she has to be with children will be genuine.

Stern but not mean

A great nanny will be both respectful and warm to a child. This means that when the child misbehaves, the nanny doesn’t scream, but rather calmly explains to them why what they did was wrong. This level of compassionate understanding comes from truly knowing how children are emotionally and developmentally. As a result, how the nanny responds to situations with your child will be measured and appropriate without being angry or too strict of a disciplinarian.

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