Things You Should Consider When Hiring A Caregiver

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Getting the right daycare or caregiver for your child can make all the difference. The quality of childcare a tot receives – care that keeps them engaged and challenged – can actually impact their physical, emotional and mental development.

Considerations In Hiring A Caregiver

That much most people know. Where it gets tricky is making the decision who to bring into your home to look after your family, and how to be sure you’ve picked a good caregiver once they’ve began.

Consider the following thoughts when looking for caregivers your little loved one.

Do they fit your needs?

Before getting a nanny or caregiver for your child, make sure you know just what kind of care you need in the first place. This means knowing what the emotional and physical care needs are and if your expectations are reasonable..

For example, if your child has special needs, you’ll want a caregiver who is experienced in assisting children with physical or other disabilities. In another case, a stay-at-home-mom who needs a bit of help is it more housekeeping or is it care for your children. Be honest with yourself, your nanny is not you and doesn’t want to take your place, but must be able to fill in during your absence.

Will your child be as happy under care of a nanny as they are at home with you?

There is always an adjustment period, no matter how great of a match you have with your nanny. A child may exhibit clinging behaviour and not want to go to the nanny but this doesn’t mean she is not a good nanny. As long as you have screened properly and are convinced that your child will be safe, he or she will adjust in a short time.

Is there an open line of communication?

Being able to discuss things openly with your caregiver is very important. For example, your child may have special requirements, or you may simply want to correct a particular way the caregiver interacts with your child. The key question here is, can you communicate this with them? Would you feel like you are getting 100% unfiltered communication from them in case of an emergency? If not, you may want to think twice about who you’re choosing.

Don’t get overwhelmed by their references and don’t forget the small stuff

Sometimes parents can get a bit overly convinced after going through a good interview with a potential caregiver – a feeling that can be compounded if that caregiver also comes with a gold-plated set of references. Instead, write up a list of behavioural interview questions beforehand – questions like “What would you do if” that the caregiver experienced with your child’s age range or unique needs should be able to answer with competency – and try to remain neutral.

To connect with only caregivers who are certain to be ideal candidates, forego hiring someone on your own and enlist the help of placement professionals like Diamond Personnel. You’ll be sure to find someone who suits the needs of you, your children, and your family as a whole.