Two Necessary Questions to Ask during your Nanny Interview

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The decision to hire a live-in nanny can be a stressful one for parents. You will need to make sure the person you are considering for the job is not only adequately qualified, but also someone who is safety conscious, loving, and caring towards children.

Interviewing Nanny

Through Diamond Personnel you’ll no doubt have highly qualified interviewees to choose from, but asking a few crucial questions can help narrow down the applicant pool, ultimately allowing you to facilitate the hiring of the ideal nanny.

Family Fit Matters: Asking the Right Questions for your Prospective Nanny

Given the highly personal nature of the position, the emphasis on a positive, upbeat, and energetic attitude is very important. You want your loved ones to be given the same amount of caring that you give them, so finding someone who can provide this is essential.

Are you passionate about being a Nanny?

One great way to gauge how passionate your prospective hire is in the position is by simply asking them how long they have wanted to work as a caretaker. Since this person will be likely be living in your home in a full-time capacity, you and your family want to make sure they’ve had a longstanding interest in the position.

A paycheck should never be the primary motivation for a personal care taker, and asking about their passion for their position will ensure this isn’t the case. They should want to work as a caretaker because caring and providing for others is what they love to do. True passion for this line of work makes for an extremely positive impact for all parties, especially if there are young children living in the home.

Are you First Aid and CPR Trained?

Aside from receiving the peace of mind that the nanny is eager about her duties, the safety factor is equally important. Thus, another relevant question that should always be asked during the initial interview is whether or not the candidate has first aid and CPR training.

Since these training certificates do have an expiration date, be sure to request an up-to-date copy of your interviewee’s certification. In the event of an emergency, these skills save lives of young and old alike. If you are going to be putting the well-being of your loved one into the hands of a stranger, you never want to leave any room for doubt.

Take it as a good sign if the interviewee expresses their willingness to take the required safety classes; this shows they are serious about the position and compassionate about your family’s needs.

Ask what they would Look for in a Nanny

Lastly, and in order to gauge their genuine interest in the job, ask them what they feel are the most important qualities of someone working as a live-in nanny. Turn the tables and question what characteristics they would want if they were in your shoes. This is an excellent way to determine a person’s sincerity and core values.

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