When to Begin the Hiring Process for an Overseas Nanny

Written by Diamond Personnel on . Posted in Interview tips, Nanny Interview

In a sentence: the sooner, the better. 

In the last year, the Canadian Caregiver Program has undergone several changes, resulting in longer processing times for our families and candidates. We know it can be difficult for a family to pinpoint when exactly to begin the search, but Diamond is here to help! Generally speaking, we recommend a year in advance for the overseas sponsorship process. That may mean families will begin the process when their child is born, or possibly when they find out they’re pregnant. Regardless, we want to ensure as smooth of a process as possible for our clients. While we have no control over government processing times, our highly trained and experienced staff will do everything we can to make this experience headache-free.

If you are considering a local live-out candidate, fortunate a year’s notice is not required. Instead, most searches require about a month before your desired start date to initiate the search. There is a strong community of local live-outs in most areas, cutting down the lengthy processing times that is present for overseas sponsorship. If you are looking for something unique in your local live-out (extensive international travel, accompanying your family to the cottage, someone who is bilingual, etc.), allot yourself more time for the search. In the scenarios where a specific search is required, we recommend two months in advance of the desired start date. As the top nanny agency in Canada, we are committed to helping source great candidates for our clients. Contact us today to start your search with ease!