How To Ensure Your Nanny Is Happy In Your Home

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Your nanny is a valuable member of your support circle. A nanny can provide services related to child care, home cleaning and even managing aspects of your family schedule.

Ensuring Your Nanny Remains Happy

But your nanny won’t be very effective if he or she isn’t happy. Similar to an employee in any company, nannies have needs and goals that must be met in order to ensure a successful and lasting relationship.

Knowing how to ensure that your nanny is happy in your home will make your life more efficient and create a valuable source of support for the daily challenges you face.

Make sure all expectations are understood

Communication is the basis of all relationships. That’s why it’s important to articulate all of the expectations that should be met when working with a nanny. People often make assumptions about what the responsibilities of a nanny are. But this can lead to confusion and frustration on both sides.

Your nanny can provide additional help such as organizing your home, doing laundry, or preparing meals. But it’s important for your nanny to understand the expectations at the start of your working relationship. Before you hire a nanny, take the time to get clear on your needs. Once they’re clear and you’re interviewing or have hired a nanny, it can be helpful to put them in writing and provide copies for everyone. This will help in resolving any issues that can arise down the line.

Grant independence to your nanny

All individuals require a certain amount of autonomy in order to feel respected, trusted and valued in their work. This is especially true for nannies that work closely alongside the families who hire them.

It’s important to allow nannies to have the freedom to do things in the way that they see fit. This doesn’t have to apply for everything, but it’s unrealistic to expect others to do things exactly as you would. Also, nannies must be granted the authority needed to take care of young children. Otherwise, your children may not respect their requests, which can lead to problems in the future.

Resolve issues immediately

If an issue arises between you and your nanny, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. Putting off discussions about conflicts or confusions can create resentment and cause the communication to break down.

Don’t address important issues through notes, texts or emails. Set up a time to sit down and discuss them in person so that each side can express their point of view and reach and understanding.

If communication isn’t your strong suit, find some resources that can help you learn valuable communication and listening skills. These can be effective for resolving conflicts and maintaining a successful work agreement.

These are just a few ways that you can keep your nanny happy in your home. Being clear on your expectations and providing nannies with the independence they need will increase the benefits of having a nanny in your home.