10 Signs Of A Great Nanny

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It can be a daunting task to find the right nanny to care for your family. It’s important to find one who has all of the necessary qualifications and references, who fits into your home environment and who is beloved by your children. Here are some things to look for to ensure that you are choosing the best nanny possible.

Great Nanny

  1. Experience. According to the former president of the International Nanny Association, experience is one of the most important factors to take into consideration. Having safety knowledge, like CPR and First Aid is crucial. A background in child development, for example, is also a bonus.
  2. Excellent References. Look for nannies that have shown a long-term commitment to their previous families. This means that they will likely show your own family that same kind of investment. Children thrive on consistency.
  3. Your Child is Happy to See the Nanny. If your child looks forward to the nanny coming over and is happy when he or she walks through the door, this speaks volumes about the nanny’s relationship with your child. It is evidence that the nanny is likely caring, fun and that your child feels fulfilled when the nanny is around.
  4. Creative. Everything doesn’t always go as planned – this is especially true for nannies. Having a creative nanny has a range of practical benefits, from creative problem solving to turning everyday tasks into learning experiences or games.
  5. Shows Interest in How Your Family Runs Things. This is a sign that a nanny wants to fit into your home as cohesively as possible and make your life easier.
  6. Your Child and Nanny have a Good Rapport. This is evidence that the nanny has taken the time to show your child that the he or she values curiosity and imagination and is teaching your child the importance of such qualities in themselves.
  7. Always On Time. This shows that she takes her job as a nanny seriously and is obviously reliable.
  8. Open Communication. It is important to have a nanny who is unafraid to contact you with questions, concerns or feedback. For example: while most children are accident-prone, a sign of a diligent nanny is one who updates you about the incidents and knows how to manage them when they occur.
  9. Maintains a Tidy Space. Whether or not this is a priority for you, if a nanny maintains an organized and tidy home, this is evidence that the nanny cares for the child’s general well being and your home’s appearance.
  10. Updates You on Child’s Progress. This not only shows that she takes her job seriously, but also shows that she takes accountability and is invested in helping your child to achieve his or her full potential.

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