Top 5 Qualities A Good Nanny Should Have

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A positive working relationship with your nanny is built on shared values and trust. Aside from experience in the field and chemistry with you and your children, a nanny should have a specific set of qualities in order to create a fun, safe and educational environment for your children.

Qualities A Good Nanny Should Have

The needs of every family is different, however there are some key fundamental traits a nanny should possess. Below are the top 5 qualities your nanny should have:

Passion for Early Childhood Education

Your nanny should have an obvious love for children. However, it’s also a bonus if they are passionate about early childhood education. Mixing fun activities with education is a great way to ensure your children are constantly learning while also having fun.


As a caregiver, your nanny will have to deal with a variety of situations. Finding creative solutions to conflicts, or coming up with new activities to do with your children, maintains a positive relationship with them. Children appreciate creativity and imagination, which makes this trait crucial for a nanny – and keeps the children from getting bored.


Your nanny could oversee a great deal of duties, depending on your agreement. From cleaning up the house, doing children’s chores, planning activities, helping with homework and more, your nanny should be organized to ensure all their tasks are completed.


You can never plan for the unexpected – that’s why flexibility is an important trait for your nanny. For a children’s caregiver, even a minor issue can change an entire day. A nanny should be able to adapt to to situations as they arise, and be willing to provide extra help if needed.


The trustworthy-factor is important when it comes to choosing your nanny. They will be caring for your children and have committed to following your and your children’s schedule. Trusting your nanny ensures you’ll be able to hold your them accountable, as well as have peace of mind knowing your nanny is up to the task.

These aren’t the only traits your nanny should have, however they are some of the most fundamental. Your nanny should also be well-versed in safety procedures, maintain a positive attitude and be respectful of your time and the needs of your children, to name a few. These qualities will ensure your children are happy, learning and safe, and that you and your nanny have a mutual understanding and shared values.