Why A Nanny May Be A Better Option For Your Infant

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For parents of young children, it’s important to collect as much information as possible on care options. During the time both parents are at work, the child should be placed in a safe and reliable environment in which they feel comfortable and engaged.

Nanny For Your Infant

Every child’s needs and circumstances are different, so there’s no one-size fits all solution. Take the time to consider your options between daycare services and nanny services — that’s the only way to ensure you’re making the right choice for your child. In this article, we’ll explain how a nanny may be the better fit for your family.

Nanny Services Offer a Comfortable Care Environment

One of the most important elements of any care decision is the environment in which the child will be placed. Will they have access to their own toys and health products? How can there be a better environment for the child than at home? Is there one-on-one attention available for the child?

Nanny services enable a child to be taken care of within their own home space, ensuring they take naps in their own bed and are fed meals in a space to which they are accustomed and comfortable. A nanny is also going to have hands-on time with your child or even your children; this is not likely to be a possible in a daycare setting with a daycare staff member will be looking after numerous children at once.

Nannies Can Help Children Explore the Outside World

Unlike daycare companies, which largely place children in one building and have limited access to outside areas, nannies usually have the freedom to provide children with a taste of the outside world. They can, for example, take children with them during shopping trips for the family. This can give the child an understanding of the local area and help them develop their social skills from a young age. Trips to the museum, libraries, city attractions like aquariums, play centers, science centers, parks and more are all readily available and more easily planned for a nanny than a daycare.

Sick Kids Can be Taken Care of At Home by Nannies

When a child is in daycare, illnesses can often mean the parent has to take time off work to care for them. This can mean a loss of income for the parent and may disrupt their careers over the long-term.

Nanny services allow the parent to leave the child at home with a care specialist, ensuring that they are protected during their illness and enabling the parent to go to work. Nannies may also take the child to doctors’ appointments, when required.

Nannies Give Parents More Control

Parents will have complete control over elements of care such as the child’s diet, their sleep schedule and their interactions with others throughout the day. While daycare services do their best to protect the child and ensure they have a certain standard of care, nanny services give the parent complete control through the nanny and ensure any changes in behaviour and schedule can be noted and responded to quickly and effectively.

It’s important to carefully evaluate the various differences between nanny services and daycare services. To discover more on this subject, speak with our trusted team directly today.