Eight Ways An Eldercare Worker Can Help Prevent Elderly Isolation

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As we age, we are at risk for elderly isolation. According to Statistics Canada, 20% of Canadian seniors do not participate in one or more social activities per week. In some cases, Canadian seniors don’t even participate in social activities monthly. Unfortunately, elderly isolation is common – but as an eldercare worker there are ways you can help prevent it.

  1. Technology As technology advances, it’s important to ensure that the senior you’re caring for has access to the things they need such as hearing aids, glasses, walkers and even smart gadgets. You do not have to teach them how...

Tips To Avoid “Mommy Guilt” And Feeling Jealous Of Your Nanny

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Employing a nanny can be a rewarding experience. You receive help with childcare and your child enjoys a relationship with a qualified caregiver who teaches him or her good values when you’re at work and can’t be by their side. However, many moms report feelings of guilty because they feel that they are not spending enough time with their kids. These feelings can lead to jealousy against your nanny – but here’s how to avoid them:

You’re allowed some “me time” Whether you’re going back to work after being on maternity leave, or employing a nanny to care for...

Best Interview Questions For A Nanny

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When it comes to hiring a nanny, you want to find the best fit for your family. Aside from thoroughly inspecting their resume, you’ll need to interview your nanny to get a better feel for their experience and personality. You are trusting this person to care for your children, and asking the below interview questions will ensure you and your nanny have a positive working relationship:

How long have you been a nanny? Don’t place too much emphasis on age – you can hire a young nanny if they’ve been in the field of childcare for a few years...

Nannies vs. Babysitters: What’s The Big Difference?

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Although they often get lumped together, nannies and babysitters are far from the same. Yes, both are childcare workers, but there are many differences between the two.

Nannies Nannies are often certified professionals who are employed by one family. They work full or part-time and, in some cases, live with the family that employs them. If the family requires it, nannies will also fulfill more than just childcare tasks, like preparing meals, cleaning and grocery shopping. As with any professional job, nannies are paid either an hourly wage or a yearly salary. They pay taxes and must have all legal...

Five Ways You And Your Nanny Can Help Build Your Child’s Character

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Shaping your child’s character is an important part of being a parent and luckily you don’t have to do it alone. By working with your nanny, you can build your child’s character to help them become a wonderful, caring and compassionate person. Here are five ways you can shape minds and instill values and humanity:

  1. Good manners go far
  2. Showing your child the importance of saying “please” and “thank you” can help build their character. Good manners also instill confidence in your child because they will feel good about themselves for being polite. You and your nanny should also promote sharing,...