How Nannies Can Help Breastfeeding Moms

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When breastfeeding moms have to return to work, they find themselves in the unique situation of having to maintain their work schedule while staying on the baby’s feeding schedule. This can be quite a stressful time for new moms as they try to keep up with each of their obligations.

Nannies can play an important role in making this process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. In this blog, we’re examining several ways nannies can help breastfeeding moms acclimatize to their hectic schedule! Put Together Snacks for Mom, Too At this time, a nanny’s role extends to ensuring the welfare of the mother,...

Is a Nanny Share a Good Idea?

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Many busy families are now turning to nannies to help them with their day-to-day household and childcare tasks, but sometimes the expense of a full-time nanny can be difficult for the modern family to afford.

This is the reason thousands across North America are reviewing the idea of a nanny share program with other families in their area. The nanny share process involves sharing the nanny’s time with other families in order to enjoy the benefits nanny care offers while limiting the cost per child. Within this post, we’ll examine the pros and cons of choosing to nanny share with...

How to Start a Career as a Nanny

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Being a nanny can be a challenging but highly-rewarding career. They are not only responsible for caring for and tutoring children, but also for a variety of other household tasks. And that’s just the live-our caregivers! A live-in nanny provides even more assistance and flexibility to families, playing an integral role in the intimate workings of each household.

Employed part- or full-time, nannies aid in the intellectual and emotional growth of the children under their care. Job Requirements While becoming a nanny does not generally have any specific educational requirements, there are programs that may aid prospective nannies in finding the...

How a Nanny can go the Extra Mile

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Taking on a nanny role requires exceptional commitment and an understanding of the emotional needs of today’s children. As part of their work, it’s important that nannies build their relationship with their employers and create a foundation that ensures effective caregiver performance over many years. Within this post, we’ll look at how a nanny can go the extra mile within their work.

Take the ‘Long View’ of the Relationship with Children While most children are concerned about the here and now and the events taking place on the day, it’s imperative that nannies understand that building a relationship with the child...

Response to “No More Nannies” Article

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After reading the article in the Financial Post this weekend, I felt compelled to respond. The article states that the government is denying almost all applications for caregivers. The truth is that the government is denying all applications that are not prepared accurately. The article led readers to believe that caregivers from overseas are no longer an option for employers but this is simply not true. First let’s examine why the government made changes to the Caregiver program. 1. There was tremendous abuse of the program by both employers and caregivers. Many job offers were not legitimate. Hundreds, maybe thousands of caregivers came to...