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Nannies in Canada – Defined

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Many nannies in Canada are assuming more responsibility in their job description than as traditionally defined. While childcare should always take priority in positions with young children, more and more families are utilizing the household management skills of their nannies to contribute to the improvement of the overall well-being of their family life and home. This is typically more common in households where the nanny has time without the children present and can contribute more to the needs of the entire family. It is important for an employer to clearly define their needs and outline an appropriate job description for...

Employment Rights Of Caregivers

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As an employer you may not always know the laws that pertain to employing a caregiver. Diamond Personnel ensures that their employers are compliant with all legal requirements that are involved with hiring a local or overseas caregiver. The following is a list of some employment rights that are necessary to ensure you are up to date with the current labour regulations;   -          All caregivers are to be paid for every hour that they are working. -          Overtime must be paid in accordance to the labour standard laws in your province. -          Proper payroll deductions must be remitted for your caregiver. -          A workplace...