“10 Tips for Preparing Your Child for a New Nanny,” an Article

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When we were contacted by Hireananny.org, we were impressed by their article that they shared with us. This is a valuable tool that every family needs to keep in mind as they prepare to welcome a new member to thier household. The article had great and insightful tips on how to prepare your child for a new nanny,

  • Generate Excitement About the New Nanny – Making a point of generating excitement about the new nanny by talking enthusiastically about her and helping your child to feel eager to meet her can make things run much more smoothly than if you skip this step. While it may not seem like much, talking about your new nanny’s arrival the way you’d discuss an upcoming trip to the park sends the message that the occasion is something to be celebrated, not feared.
  • Stay Upbeat and Positive – In any new situation, your child will look to you for cues about how she should react. If you’re anxious about how well she’ll adapt to a new nanny, she’ll pick up on that anxiety and mimic what she observes, feeling anxious and worried herself. Instead, stay positive and upbeat when you talk about the new nanny, and keep any worries you have to yourself when she’s nearby.
  • Give Your New Nanny a Few Helpful Hints – If your nanny knows where to find your child’s favorite cup or that she needs a certain stuffed animal at naptime, she’ll be more equipped to handle the little things along the way for her first few days until she begins to learn your child’s preferences on her own. A list of helpful hints can help her to know your child better, in turn making your child feel more comfortable.

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