Five Must haves for your new live-in caregiver

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You’ve hired your live-in caregiver and they are just about to arrive. The next little while will be an exciting learning curve for you both. As a new arrival to the country and in your home there are a few things we recommend you have set up for them.  Use this as a guide to ensure you have the basics set up for your caregiver.

– Household orientation checklist:  A comprehensive list of things to show and go over with your caregiver to help her acclimate to your house and your routines.

-Family emergency contact sheet: Important information for the caregiver to have. Include all your emergency information so it is  at their fingertips.

-Caregiver orientation:  The caregiver orientation explains existing routines, schedules and lists favorite games, toys, activities, nap times and meals. Keep in mind your caregiver will develop their own routines, encourage this and work alongside your caregiver to implement new ideas.

-Daily report log: A daily report log summarizes the day and is a great way to keep the lines of communication open, especially if you are a busy working parent. It should cover things like what and when medication was administered, daily activities and incident reports etc.

– Time sheet: Having an accurate record of when the caregiver works is important for record keeping and payroll.


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