Hiring a Nanny in Canada? Facts You Should Know

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live in nannyRaising children might be rewarding, but it isn’t always easy. Most households today have two working parents, and childcare is a top concern among the parents of younger children. When it comes to their children’s care, many parents will decide to hire a live in nanny. Not only is this often comparable to or less expensive than the cost of daycare, but it tends to be more convenient, and allow for more one-on-one attention.

Choosing a nanny agency that can help you find the right nanny is important, because not every nanny is going to be the right fit for your family. Choosing the wrong one might not be the end of the world, but if you have to part ways, you will likely be losing out on an investment of both substantial time and money.

Biggest Nanny Hiring Mistakes

  • You can tell the quality of a nanny agency, in part, by examining their hiring process. A great nanny agency will conduct background checks on your nanny to ensure that not only are they good with kids, but they’re a great candidate for living in someone else’s home — not something everyone finds easy. They can also screen candidates to make sure they are a good personality fit for your household. Not hiring a good agency would be a mistake.
  • Another hiring mistake? Not making your household a competitive player on the market. The minimum wage for a nanny in Canada is $11/hour at the moment. You might be tempted to try and “get your money’s worth” out of your employee — this is a classic mistake that often results in either getting a sub-par nanny, or getting a good nanny who switches to another family. Don’t expect your nanny to be your maid, be on call 24/7, or to work overtime without pay.

What You Should Expect from the Live In Nanny Hiring Process

  • Start looking for a live in caregiver as soon as you can — well in advance of when you need one. To find the right nanny for your family will take time and communication.
  • Expect that nannies will perform specific services related to caring for your children. They can’t be used for dog sitting or housekeeping.
  • Some agencies who work with overseas nannies, which are popular hires in Canada, will require proof that you’ve made an effort to hire a local nanny first.
  • You’ll be responsible for many costs associated with caregiver recruitment including health insurance, airfare from the home country, and WSIB.

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