How to Tackle Separation Anxiety with Your Children

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It’s very common for children to have a hard time separating from their parents/guardians, especially when they’ve spent the whole summer in close proximity to you and your home. We often underestimate children’s levels of comprehension, and for that reason it’s important to explain changes to your children. Mild cases of separation anxiety can be dealt with by simply giving explanations and having ongoing conversations with your children. Discuss with your children how long they will be at school (show them what time they are done on a clock) and who will be picking them up. Let them know where they’re going after pick up, who will be at home with them for dinner and finally who will be there to put them to bed. The more they know and understand, the less they have to worry about what’s going to happen to them next. Knowledge eliminates fear and the knowledge you give your child will help to eliminate anxiety and also help them fall into a routine.

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