Making the Most of Your Interview: How to Beat the Odds

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Making the Most of your Interview: How to Beat the Odds

You’ve done it; you found a job that sounds like a great fit, you successfully landed the interview and you’re on your way to being placed with the perfect family. How can you help make sure that happens? Our team at Diamond Personnel has your best interests in mind so we have come up with 5 ideas to help you be more prepared for your next interview.

Know Yourself
You know what you’ve done but sometimes we tend to sell ourselves short when we are under pressure. It is important to consider your relevant work experience and skills and how you will present these. Put this into practice by using this information to sell yourself. No job is the same, so take unique and useful parts from each one you’ve had and use it to your advantage. Explain the individual duties and activities done with each family’s children and how that relates to the current position you’re applying for.

Turn it Around
Always turn a negative into a positive. Even if you didn’t love your previous positions, it is important to think about what you learned. Think of the positive things that you can take away from the experience and apply that to the one at hand. The most valuable information from any experience is what you can take away from it and your ability to use it to better yourself.

Know What You Want
When you come for an interview, it is important to know what you want. If you have a specific job posting in mind, great! If not, have an idea about what type of position you are willing to accept so you can be considered for a position that lines up with your skill set. In addition, know what could be a deal breaker for you, and where you’re willing to be flexible. If you’re aware that you won’t be looking for a job until sometime in the future, it may be best to wait before moving forward with an interview as many families need their staff ASAP. Knowing what you want (and what you’re willing to accept) can set you up for success in any interview because it creates a confident and capable image.

Reference? Check!
Have your references ready! Diamond Personnel wants to make sure you’re the perfect fit for a family and learn about all the amazing things you’ve done in the past. If possible, have phone numbers and names of the people who are giving you a reference with you at the time of your interview. Also, don’t forget to let your references know that they should be expecting a phone call so you aren’t stuck waiting for the reference check to clear before you can start working.

Be Confident
Answer all questions to the best of your ability, not stumbling over words or thinking outloud. If you need to, research typical job interview questions and practice your answers out loud. Another way to prepare and gain that confidence you need is to write down your three best assets, and practice explaining them as if an employer was asking you. For example, 3 assets you may have could be:

1. “I am an amazing cook. I can follow recipes and come up with my own ideas.”
2. “I am a career nanny with lots of motivation and passion for what I do.”
3. “I am extremely organized, housekeeping is definitely one of my strengths.”

Often, we feel like we need to have a long, complicated answer to these questions. In reality, what will set you apart is a concise, confident answer that does not leave any doubt in anyone’s mind.

Ultimately, have faith in yourself. You know your strengths, so highlight them in the best way you can and you’re sure to be on your way to an interview with the family in no time.

If you’re reading this and you don’t have an interview with us yet, take a look at our job listings page, find the position that interests you and apply! We can’t wait to see you ace your interview with the knowledge you have now.

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