Nanny of the Month: Amely

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Putting others first is something that Amely has been doing well before she arrived to Canada as a Diamond Nanny. She had been working as a professional caregiver for over half a decade, serving families in Lebanon and Hong Kong. Since her arrival to Toronto in September 2012, Amely has surpassed her employers’ wildest expectations! She has become an integral part of the family, and they couldn’t imagine their family today without her. Amely and their son adore each other, and she has gained the trust, respect and friendship of her employers. Due to her dedication to their family’s welfare, her kindness and considerate nature, her employers happily nominated Amely to be our Nanny of the Month!


Today, September 6, 2013 Amely has been with us for 1 year exactly.  She has enriched our family tremendously and has become a member of our family undoubtedly.    

We are grateful to Diamond Personal for carefully screening and selecting her.  She was a perfect fit with our family from the beginning.  It provides us great comfort to know we can leave our son with someone who would take even better care of him that we could.  The best thing about it is that we can see our son loves Amely and taking part in activities for toddlers with her.  Amely has also integrated really well into Canadian society and actively pursues all learning opportunities for our son.  She often advises us of community centre, summer school or library activities that may be interesting and beneficial to Sean.  She truly is a remarkable person and we are very fortunate to have her as part of our family!  Congratulations on your one year anniversary in Canada Amely!  You also make a remarkable addition to Canada!

One of the many remarkable qualities about Amely is that she has worked all over the world but her excellent service has never wavered — she always puts the needs of her employers first.  She may have only been with her employers for one year but she has changed their family irrevocably for the better. It is never easy for a family to open their homes and introduce their children to a virtual stranger, yet Amely has proven again and again that she is worthy of their trust, “Amely has been an amazing help with the arrival of  [our youngest son] Hugh too. My parents who are visiting from abroad are also in awe of Amely’s contribution to the family.”


Congratulations, Amely, for being an incredible Diamond Nanny! It was your generosity, commitment to your employers and your honesty that has set you apart from the others. We are so proud to have you as part of the Diamond Family, and most importantly, for always prioritizing your employers’ family first.998924_509100819167824_324025403_n