Nanny of the Month: Cherilona

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The dream of coming to Canada is one that all Diamond Nannies share, and it is a long and hard road. Once the dream becomes a reality, though, excitement can turn into nerves for many – but not for our Cherilona! It takes a special type of nanny to fearlessly come to Canada, ready to embrace her new family. Her energy, welcoming attitude and courage are what make Cherilona our Nanny of the Month.  Cherilona1

Cherilona’s journey took her to Sexsmith, Alberta, where she entered a world of farming. It was 2012, and waiting for her was a happy and loving family, eager to have her join their family. Under her care, their two energetic boys – and a third son who recently joined the clan several months ago – are thriving.

She handled all the challenges that came her way with a smile with an eagerness to learn and improve. Cherilona is happy to run around outdoors with the boys, read them stories softly in bed, and take long walks in the middle of winter with the boys and dogs. Given her devotion to the family, this has led them to nominate Cherilona as Diamond Personnel’s Nanny of the Month!


Lona came from Hong Kong to our farm in the middle of a very cold and snowy winter in northern Alberta.  She had never seen snow before and was smiling and happy at the airport. My first impression of her was that of a warm, soft-spoken and impeccably dressed woman. I had such high-hopes that she would fit in with our family and that she would be happy here.  I felt the “fit” from the moment she spoke to my 6 and 3 year old sons.  Lona quickly learned the ways of our household and helped tremendously through my pregnancy and birth of our 6 month old son.  She works full-time caring for our three young boys and helping with household chores.  She is professional, dedicated and honest. Lona has a special relationship with each one of our boys and respects our roles as parents.  I never worry about the safety of my children when they were with her. Lona is always patient with our children. She is respectful, yet is able to discipline them appropriately when needed. I love that she can sit quietly and read to them one minute, and the next minute be on the floor playing and laughing with them.  Lona enriches the boys’ lives immensely and has made our lives so much easier.  It has almost been one year since Lona arrived and she has completely become a part of our family.  Our children adore her, as do my husband and I.



To all of our Diamond Nannies we hope that Cherilona’s story inspires you as much as it does us. It is never easy going across the world, but it’s easier when you have a smile on your face!Cherilona2

Congratulations, Cherilona, on your well-deserved recognition!  We can’t wait to see what other incredible achievements you’ll accomplish.