Nanny service tips for traveling with your nanny

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Are you planning on taking a vacation in the near future? Has this made you wonder if there are any special requirements for you to bring your nanny on vacation? As Canada’s best nanny service, we get this question all the time and we wanted to share our travel tips with you. By the end of this article, you will have gained valuable insight on what it takes to travel with your nanny.

Nanny Service Tip #1: Be Clear on Expectations

What is it that you expect from your caregiver while on vacation? Is it business as usual? Or will things be more relaxed? It is important to discuss the caregivers hours, pay and responsibilities based on your needs before the trip starts so everyone knows what to expect. Remember, while it may be a change of scenery, this is not a vacation for your nanny. Make sure you respect working conditions and hours and make adjustments to compensation where necessary.

Tip Nanny Service tips for traveling with your nanny#2: Don’t Forget About Expenses

All travel and expenses should be covered by the family while on vacation. Expenses include:

  • Meals and Accommodation
  • Activities/Admissions to events
  • Telephone calls home
  • Luggage costs
  • Internet usage
  • ATM fees/exchange rates if cash is needed

Tip #3: Check Immigration Status and Documentation

Individual situations may vary, but if your caregiver is living in Canada under the temporary foreign worker program or live in caregiver program and is from a country that is not visa exempt, they will need to hold a valid TRV (Temporary Resident Visa) and work permit.

A TRV is needed because the work visa only allows the caregiver to stay and work in Canada, but does not necessarily allow them re-entry if they leave for a period of time. Make sure to renew current TRVs and Work Permits well in advance of your travel dates as the application process can take time. If you need help renewing a work permit or a TRV, please contact us about immigration services.

Documents Needed

  • Valid multiple entry TRV/Valid Passport/Work Permit
  • A tourist visa to destination country, if applicable
  • A letter of employment from employer confirming dates of travel. Make sure to note that the candidate will be returning to Canada to continue This letter must be dated with current date to show up-to-date employment information. It also must state the period of employment (for example: “Maricel has been with our family since March 2012 until present, September 2013.”)

Destinations to be Mindful Of If Your Caregiver is From the Philippines

As a Filipino passport-holder, there are certain areas that may be challenging for your caregiver to travel to or through.  As always, please verify with the relevant consulate offices for their policies on international travelers.

  • The United States: Whether this is the final destination or a layover, your caregiver must have a US tourist visa.
  • Europe: European countries typically require additional visas for a Filipino national.
  • The Philippines: Should your caregiver enter the Philippines, whether as their final destination or just as layover, she will require an Overseas Exit Certificate, (OEC). This is required prior to departure and is available from a Philippine Overseas Labour Office.

 Traveling with a Caregiver who is a Permanent Resident

If your nanny holds a valid Permanent Resident Card, a TRV is not required but he/she MUST have their card with them upon re-entry to Canada. It is also important to make sure the card is up to date as most expire at least every 5 years.

As an experienced nanny service, we recommend you prepare ahead so that you can travel with your nanny and enjoy that much needed vacation!Be sure to keep following our blog for more expert insights from Canada’s top nanny service! Thanks for reading!