Top three pointers for communicating with your caregiver

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Often we sense that because we say what we are feeling, we have done our part in communicating. Unfortunately that’s not the case.In order to successfully maintain a well balanced and professional working relationship with your caregiver, proper communication needs to be implemented.It is important to keep a few things in mind when communicating with your caregiver.


  1.  Cultural differences may make it hard to express what you are thinking, without offending. In circumstances such as that it is important to educate your self on the background of your caregiver so that you can be politically correct and move forward in a positive manner.
  2. Having daily logs, or brief daily verbal wrap ups are key in communicating with one another. We are all human and if we don’t touch base regularly we will forget things. Avoid the complications that can arise from information that was forgotten and try to touch base with your caregiver everyday.
  3. Ensure that once you have expressed your thoughts and or concerns your caregiver fully understands what was said. Ask questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. In some scenarios it may benefit you to ask for a summary of what was said. Just so you are both well on the same page.

Proper communication can be difficult at times. At Diamond Personnel we have created a tool that will guide you through proper communication with your caregiver. Our nanny success system is a part of our wonderful  Diamond Experience. If you already have a nanny, please feel free to visit our website where you can purchase your own Nanny Success System.