Staying Competitive in a Highly Competitive Covid labour market

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The pandemic has led to a highly competitive labour market, especially in the caregiving sector. There has never been a more important time to review and evaluate your current employee’s performance and compensation and make sure you are in-line with the current market. There is an unprecedented amount of opportunity for individuals with their skill set. Here are a few insider tips for retaining your staff in a competitive market.

  • Differentiate yourself as a coveted employer by offering unique benefits. Find out what your employee values most and try to offer it. Some ideas include: Health and wellness benefits package, additional vacation time, paid personal days, transportation allowance.
  • Show your appreciation for loyalty and a job well done. Positive feedback, small gifts or cards from the children are a great way to do this. Celebrate milestones, birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Recognition goes a long way. You can’t say THANK YOU too many times!
  • Communication is key. Keep a pulse on how your employee is feeling about her job. Ask for constructive feedback on her position and your expectations. Unresolved issues and lack of proper communication is the leading cause of turnover.