Surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic with your Nanny

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  1. Communicate! Decisions around how to handle coronavirus need to be openly discussed with your nanny. Much like how discipline discussions are handled at home, decisions surrounding COVID related issues must be addressed directly and openly. Each side should be given an opportunity to share their perspective, concerns, and ask questions and then work together to find an approach that is suitable for everyone.
  2. Stay Informed: Coronavirus information and government recommendations continue to evolve. Stay up to date on government recommendations. Both parties should be complying with current rules and regulations prescribed by your local government to keep each other safe. Knowledge is power.
  3. Be Transparent: It is essential for everyone to have access to information as soon as it is available. Parents and nannies should be notifying each other of any potential exposures or high risk situations. They should also be informing each other of any symptoms of Coronavirus as soon as they occur, including symptoms of other household members, and follow all public health guidelines regarding isolation and quarantine.