The Family Assistant

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In today’s fast paced world, with two working parents working long hours there is simply not enough time in the day to take care of everything related to your children and home. As a result, a new role has emerged in the private care industry called The Family Assistant.

What is a Family Assistant?

A Family Assistant is a Jane of All Trades. Family Assistants typically have experience in childcare and household management and the ability to do a wide range of tasks from planning and cooking family meals, to running errands, managing the family calendar, keeping stock of household inventory and much more. A Family Assistant supports the whole family rather than the children exclusively. Busy parents are able to delegate important tasks to Family Assistants to keep their home life running smoothly. Family Assistants are usually in charge of managing the household so that when the parents come home they can spend quality time with their children.  A Family Assistant can have a wide variety of responsibilities from running errands to housekeeping to basic administration, such as registering the children in summer camp or buying a birthday gift for one of the children’s birthday parties. It is typically someone who has strong multi-tasking and problem solving skills and the flexibility and willingness to go with the flow. A Family Assistant is a great solution for busy families who have challenges trying to get everything done in a day!

How Do I Become a Family Assistant?

Families looking to hire a Family Assistant are looking for candidates who have had relevant previous experience or possess the transferable skills. Many nannies and housekeepers presently take on similar tasks which make them a natural fit for a family assistant position.  If you are already working with a private family, there are many opportunities to gain these valuable skills. Talk to your employer about taking on extra responsibilities and expanding the scope of your current role. If you notice that the fridge or toilet isn’t working properly, don’t just tell the employer and leave it up to them to fix, be prepared and take the initiative to research tradespeople and contractors to get it fixed if your employer would like you to. Organize closets, pantries, and drawers in your free time. Improve your technical skills by learning to use apps like Google Calendar. Maintain a list of household items that need to be bought and take the initiative to go out and buy them. Ultimately, the goal of the Family Assistant is to keep the house running smoothly and to ensure a more balanced and stress-free lifestyle for the employer and family.

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