Things Every Employer Should Consider

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Every employer should consider executing performance reviews. With any job, a performance review is necessary to ensure that both the employer and the employee are on the same page. Performance reviews are essential and can happen as often as once a month. Upon hiring, mention that you have done standard performance reviews with all of your employees and that it is required for the position being offered. In an environment where the employee is working for you in your home, it’s usually recommended to conduct the performance review in a casual setting. To execute a job performance, advise your caregiver that you would like to conduct a routine performance review. Include positive things, you don’t want this be a negative experience. It should be a positive and open discussion where both you and your caregiver can express your concerns and feelings. Throughout the process make sure you’re using supportive words. Express to your caregiver that a performance review is for the purpose of improving your level of communication with one another. Ask your caregiver for feedback, and try as hard as you can to stay on topic. At the end of the review, state three things that you would like to see changed or improved. Give the caregiver until the next review period to work on them. Finish the conversation by mentioning at least three things you think the caregiver is doing exceptionally well. blog4.jpg

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