Three Things to Look for When Hiring a Nanny

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Hire A NannyThe worst nightmare for many parents is to fall victim to the biggest nanny hiring mistakes. The benefits of hiring a nanny are apparent, but only if parents end up hiring a nanny or live in caregiver that is competent. Shine.Yahoo.Com posted an article on November 8, describing a family that had experienced many of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes, entitled “5 Things Parents Need to Consider Before Hiring a Nanny.”

This article was written by parents that are currently on their fifth nanny in two years! After making so many mistakes, they decided to write a piece about how to hire a nanny. The article contained five tips from

Know What You Want – Many families may find things easier if they write down what they want before hiring someone. Sometimes, resumes are not enough. During the interviewing process, parents need to inquire about how the nanny feels about such topics as nutrition, religion, screen time and so on.

Think Beyond Experience – While no one is saying that experience doesn’t count, it is foolish to think that that is all there is. All the experience in the world will not matter if one hires a nanny that will not raise their children in a way that they prefer. Conversely, a nanny without much professional experience can still be a great caregiver for a child.

The Best Interview Questions – One of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes that people can make is not to ask enough questions during an interview. Because every family dynamic is unique, parents should make sure that they ask questions that will allow them to hire someone who is best suited to their needs. Questions about the nanny’s background, expectations, values and experience are always appropriate.

Get it in Writing – Ending the hiring process by having a new nanny sign some kind of written agreement is always a smart move. This agreement should include everything from the hiring date and expected salary to living wages and rules on discipline for children.

Paperwork – Finally, it is important for people to realize that when they hire a nanny and pay her a certain amount every month, they are her employer. They are in charge of administering paperwork, and will be required to withhold payroll taxes. While paying under the table used to be the norm, more people are moving towards more legitimate business practices.