Top 3 reasons to use a professional agency to hire a nanny

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1. Peace of Mind. Hiring a nanny is undoubtedly the most important hire you are ever going to make. Using a professional agency like Diamond to hire a nanny will give you peace of mind that you are selecting the right fit for your family. Agencies typically have a network of professional nannies and handle all of the recruitment, sourcing, screening and matching for you. A thorough screening and matching process will give you confidence that your loved ones will be safe, secure and in the hands of a professional you can TRUST.

2. Compliance. When hiring a nanny there is so much to know when it comes to compliance. From HR legislation governing hiring and recruitment practices to tax and payroll remittances, agencies can protect you from making mistakes and prepare you for the responsibility of being an employer.

3. Time. Hiring mistakes will lead to unnecessary turnover and cost you invaluable time and money. Using a professional agency to hire a nanny will ultimately allow you to spend more time with your loved ones while you leave the legwork to us.

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