What To Do When It’s Vacation Time

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When you’re going on a vacation you ultimately have two choices:

One choice would be, to take your caregiver on vacation with you. Caregivers can work their normal shift hours and if overtime is needed, you can adjust their pay accordingly. While on vacation if your caregiver is going to be working a completely different schedule than normal, it is best to discuss the schedule changes with them. This will help avoid confusion during your holiday.

Choosing not to take your caregiver on vacation is perfectly acceptable. In that circumstance you are still responsible to abide by your contract and pay them for the hours you have stated. You can request that your caregiver take their paid vacation during the time that you are away. If scheduling vacations simultaneously doesn’t work there is another option; leave your caregiver with a list of things to do while you are away. This may be your chance to get things done, that normally they wouldn’t find time to do. For example organize the children’s wardrobe etc.