What’s the Current State of the Nannying Industry?

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Trust us — parents don’t want to put up with the hassles of choosing a nanny agency. They’d much rather put an ad on Craigslist and let the first unemployed recent MFA graduate fill the slot, for now anyway. They can always go back and find a proper caregiver later on, of course.
At least, that’s what they tell themselves.
Truth be told, it’s important for parents to go through some type of professional service in order to get the highest-quality caliber of nanny available. And if you’re a nanny, you’re probably wondering when you’re finally going to land your dream slot helping out the perfect family. The numbers say it might be sooner rather than later. For example…
High turnover rates mean more jobs.
As long as nannies have been in business, they’ve understood the nature of that business — and the nature is that it’s fleeting. Parents interested in hiring a caregiver tend to need one sooner rather than later, which means they don’t always have time to pick the right one. Sure, they can look into choosing a nanny agency, but when time is a factor, the easiest way is to simply go with what’s in front of you, hence the high turnover rates. But that means a spot might just be opening up for you someplace very soon.
Modern parents are working parents.
That’s parents plural, meaning the traditional notion of bread-winning fathers and stay-at-home mothers is about as antiquated as Mary Poppins. Throughout North America, more households are relying on two salaries to support the rising costs of living, which means great job prospects for folks in the nanny industry. One study from the International Nanny Association even showed that 67% of all nannies surveyed worked for households where both parents worked full-time.
The childcare market is ripe with opportunity.
New parents understand what to look for in a good nanny, and chances are most applicants will possess those traits. It’s a highly competitive field, though, and it’s only growing. Recent statistics show that the market trajectory for childcare jobs is likely to grow by nearly 11% in the decade between 2008 and 2018 — but that’s great news for nannies. As competitive as the field may be, there’s still plenty of room for job growth in the coming years.
A good nanny is hard to find.
Try as they might, all the best nanny agencies still might not be able to find a perfect fit for a home of fussy parents. But when those folks finally find the right nanny for their little munchkin, you can bet they’re going to hold onto her for life. Or at least until the child’s old enough to depart for college. Locking in a decent job with a family makes for great job security, and looking at the numbers (only 25% of nannies have been with a family longer than two years), it’s easy to see why.
Choosing a nanny agency can be a bit of a headache for parents, but if the latest numbers are any indication, it’s the best way to go about placing your child in the best care. And if you’re a nanny looking for a new gig, it’s always good to keep your options open.