Why Early Childhood Educators should consider being a Nanny

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Why Early Childhood Educators should consider a career in Nannying

Although childcare costs in Toronto are skyrocketing, Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) are not getting paid much. ECEs typically work in public and private daycares and schools. They are passionate about childcare and development and molding young minds to become leaders of the future generation. But ECEs are earning on average, $25,000-47,000 gross a year which is often not enough to support daily living expenses including student loans and rent in major cities.  Wages for ECE’s in daycares typically stay low as running a center has increasing costs for rent, maintaining facilities, purchasing necessities like food or cleaning products, and are more often than not, too strapped in their budgets to pay workers much more.  So what are some alternative options for professional ECE’s looking for a career in childcare?

Become a Nanny!

A common misconception amongst ECEs is that anyone can work as a nanny. Many believe that after spending countless hours and money on their education to become a certified ECE that nannying would be a waste of their talents. This comes from a lack of understanding of the role of a nanny today, the value many families place on the education and development of their children and what they are willing to pay for having a trained professional in their home.  There has been a big shift in nanny roles and responsibilities making for some very exciting opportunities and the chance to earn an amazing income while doing what you love most – caring for children!

So why become a nanny?

  • Many employers are willing to pay more to have a nanny who has an ECE diploma to better educate their children and focus on their development. Nannies with an ECE diploma can earn $50,000+ gross per year – more than what an ECE typically earns in daycare centers.
  • Many employers will also provide other perks such as guaranteed hours and overtime, benefits packages, gas allowance or transit passes, and opportunities to travel around the world.
  • A more personal and intimate relationship with the kids and your employer. Instead of having 10-15 kids to look after, you can focus your attention on 1-4 kids and grow and learn with them.
  • Independence to plan, develop and organize your own educational activities that are customized to each child and can change as they learn and grow.
  • A chance to learn new skills. Nannying can give you the opportunity to expand your skills and knowledge such as enhancing your organizational and household management skills, cooking, working with special needs etc.

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