The first step in engaging our services is to make a commitment to THE DIAMOND EXPERIENCE ™.  As the top Nanny, Caregiver & Household Staffing agency in Canada, we are the leaders in the industry and our services are in high demand.  We provide an intensive, personalized, time sensitive service to our clients who value our relationship.  By taking the first step, you can be confident that the Diamond team will provide you with the service you deserve. Let’s get started!

INITIAL REGISTRATION AND CONSULTATION ("The Discovery Process") - $500.00 (will be credited towards final invoice for referral fee upon hire)
Includes: How to Hire a Nanny, Caregiver or Household Staff - Consultation Session, Full exploration of your goals, Comprehensive needs assessment, Creation of a personalized position profile.
THE DIAMOND EXPERIENCE™ REFERRAL FEE is equivalent to 20% of the candidate's first year's annual gross compensation package (Due upon Hire)
Includes: The Discovery Process, The Recruitment Advantage, The Compliance Navigator, The Diamond Success System and the Diamond Satisfaction Guarantee.
Our full fee is due upon hire. All fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of employment.
Diamond provides a four month replacement guarantee.


Hiring household staff can be challenging and is one of the most important hires that you will ever make. If you are looking for a full service package, please refer to THE DIAMOND EXPERIENCE ™.  For those of you attempting to do this on their own, we offer the following professional services to fit your individual needs and budget.

SCREENING SERVICES Diamond Personnel offers screening services for clients who have identified a candidate on their own but would like assistance to make sure that this candidate is in fact the right fit. As part of our screening package, Diamond will conduct an in-depth personal interview to assess your candidate’s core competencies, knowledge and expertise, common sense, personal hygiene and appearance, problem solving and communication skills. We include a formal personality assessment, English language proficiency test, reference checks and a Canadian criminal history check. Driving abstracts are also available upon request. ($500.00)
THE NANNY SUCCESS SYSTEM The Nanny Success System was created by Diamond Personnel, and is a compilation of documents and forms created to assist your family in prioritizing your needs and helping you effectively communicate your needs, requirements and routines to your nanny.  This will enable your nanny to adjust to her job with ease and serves as a point of reference for anything and everything related to your child, home, and emergencies. It also provides extra tools to create a seamless integration of your nanny into your home, and will help maintain organization and open communication. The Nanny Success System is a collection of forms that can be printed and completed by hand, or can be filled out on a computer.  ($199.00)
Family Needs Assessment

Not sure if a nanny is right for you? Does the person you need exist? Can you afford this? A professional Diamond consultant will work with you to get a clear understanding of your family and household needs in order for you to determine next steps and avoid hiring mistakes. We help you identify your needs and get a clear understanding of your goals. We work with you to determine an appropriate solution for your unique household. Through a series of individualized questions, we explore your expectations, job requirements, the culture of your home, employer style, parenting approach, household environment, budget and propose a solution that we feel would work best for your family. We help you identify the hours you need, the responsibilities involved and the appropriate compensation package for what you are looking for.  This is a critical step in establishing a long-term, successful employment relationship. ($500.00)
Expert Advice/Consultation
What to do if your nanny gets pregnant? How do I conduct a performance review without offending her? What household related duties can I expect of my nanny? Should I give my nanny a raise? With our 25+ years of experience, we know the tricks of the trade of how to hire and maintain a professional working relationship. With our one-on-one consulting services, our industry experts address your individual questions and help you sort through the challenges you are facing.  Navigating an employer-employee relationship is not easy, so we offer comprehensive advice on labour standards, cultural differences, training and orientation, performance evaluations, communication, the live in caregiver program, immigration, sponsorship and more. Our experience-based feedback and support provide you with unbiased, professional advice that your friends can’t give you. ($500.00 per hour)
PAYROLL SERVICES  Livelihood Household Payroll Inc™.  offers Diamond clients a comprehensive packaged payroll solution. The Diamond Personnel package includes direct deposit payments to your employee, electronic remittances to CRA and WCB, online paystubs, preparing and filing T4 and T4 summary, preparing ROE’s, and answering your tax questions throughout the year. Package includes one year of services. ($875.00+ HST)


If you have found your own live-in caregiver locally and need assistance with the preparation of the Service Canada (HRSDC) application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment, our immigration consultants will prepare and submit the necessary application on your behalf. All advertising included, No sourcing, screening, or training of the candidate will be conducted.
If you have found your own caregiver and need assistance with the preparation of the Service Canada (HRSDC) application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment and the work permit necessary to work in Canada, our immigration consultants will prepare the necessary applications on your behalf. No sourcing, screening, or training of the candidate will be conducted.
*Note: The immigration services listed below are not included in The Diamond Experience but are available as add-on services.
*Prices do not include required government fees
$1000.00 + HST
*Does not include applicable government fees. All individuals who exit and wish to re-enter Canada must have a valid VISA to enter or re-enter Canada. If your caregiver does not possess a valid multiple entry or re-entry visa, Diamond immigration specialists can assist with the preparation and submission of the application to immigration.
$1500.00 + HST
*Does not include applicable government fees. The work permit your caregiver receives when he/she enters Canada will allow her to work legally in Canada as a live in caregiver. The date when the work permit expires is listed on the work permit. She must apply to extend her work permit at least 30 days before the expiry date, but we recommend initiating this process at least 3 months before. Diamond immigration specialists will assist with the preparation and submission of the necessary renewal forms to immigration.
IN-HOME CAREGIVER (sponsorship) applications are subject to a fee of $6,000 + HST (when available) and require the following additional costs which are not covered in the Diamond Experience referral fee: Round-trip airfare to and from the location of work, LMIA processing fee of $1000.00 per application payable to Service Canada, and Temporary health insurance – Approx. $250.00 (in the provinces that do not provide provincial health care immediately upon arrival)