Application Process

Diamond Personnel does not charge registration or recruitment fees. In compliance with federal and provincial laws governing the recruitment of foreign live-in caregivers, employers must cover all recruitment and transportation costs.

All applicants are required to sign our “Partnership Plan”.

I hereby agree that I will:

  1. Provide Diamond Personnel with factual information.
  2. Keep all information provided to me about employers and their families strictly confidential and I will not share this information with friends and family.
  3. Arrive on time for interviews.
  4. Cancel appointments due to illness or emergency only by calling the employer directly and re-scheduling in a timely fashion.
  5. Contact Diamond Personnel within one hour of the interview to provide feedback.
  6. Be accessible by phone, since a lack of contact will result in lost opportunities.
  7. Provide contact information on all past employers so employment may be verified.
  8. Provide valid work permits, landed status documents, picture ID and other certificates that will support your educational or vocational background.
  9. Provide truthful, accurate information regarding all aspects of your application.

We care about our applicants. Your success is our success.

Diamond Personnel Agrees that it will:

  1. Conduct business in an integrity based, ethical and compliant way according to all laws governing the placement of in home staff.
  2. Protect all confidential information provided by you.
  3. Present job opportunities that meet all employment standards and labour laws.
  4. Provide accurate and timely feedback during the recruitment and placement process and follow-up consultation after commencement of employment
  5. Deliver up to date information on labour standards, wages and payroll deductions
  6. Consult throughout the hiring, orientation and integration process.
  7. Negotiate Salary and benefits package
  8. Provide placement opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, sex, or age if all other placement criteria have been met.

How do I apply?


  1. Complete the on-line application  
  2. Take the on-line English test
  3. Take the on-line personality screen
  4. Agree on line to the Partnership Plan
  5. Scan and attach  or fax all references, contracts, and supporting documents listed on application form
  6. Upload or submit photos
  7. Attend a personal interview with a Diamond Personnel Consultant (SKYPE interviews may be arranged for overseas  or out of province applicants)
  8. Be available for follow up

***Please note that if you do not meet the minimum requirements as listed above, Diamond will be unable to help you find employment in Canada.


  1. Apply in person at our Toronto Office
  2. Complete our application on line in our office
  3. Provide all required supporting documents, references etc.
  4. Provide photos or have your photo taken
  5. Attend a personal interview with a Diamond Personnel Consultant
  6. Be available for follow up.