Job Descriptions


A nanny is a trained childcare provider. First and foremost, her responsibility is to keep your children safe, happy and engaged. Diamond nannies are enthusiastic, warm and responsible individuals.  Our nannies have experience dealing with the daily routines of children including implementing daily schedules, planning entertaining games, arts and crafts projects and outdoor activities.  Nannies focus on the children, their safety and development including meal preparation, hygiene, laundry and light housekeeping.  Our Nannies are hired on a full time basis either live in or live out.  Compensation varies according to province and number of hours required.

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     Live out Nannies

Live out nannies typically have worked for several years as live in nannies, have met the requirements of permanent residency and are now living on their own in the community. Quite possibly, her family has arrived from her home country and she has additional responsibilities thus requiring a live out position with more flexible hours, within a commuting distance from your home.  This is an excellent option for families who live in metropolitan areas with good access to public transportation.  It also works for families who quite simply do not have the room for a live in nanny.  If the family requires shift schedules or transportation is not available, a live out nanny is not a good option.  Current wages for live out nanny are approximately $15.00 – $20.00 per hour.  If you are interested in hiring a live out nanny who drives, you can expect to pay a premium.  Live out drivers with their own vehicle are a rare commodity, and their salary expectations as well will be competitive.

     Live in Nannies

Unlike any other country, Canada has been able to attract and retain high quality nanny’s through the Canadian Caregiver Program.  This is an opportunity for highly skilled and educated nanny’s to work and possibly immigrate to Canada with their families.  Employers must qualify under strict guidelines for income, there must be a need for an  in home nanny and proof that they have not been able to source a nanny from the local labour pool.  This is an onerous process and we strongly suggest that you use a professional agency like Diamond to process your Labour Market Impact Assessment,  the sponsorship application for a foreign nanny. Local live in Nannies and Caregivers are very rare.

Elderly and Special Needs Caregivers

A caregiver is trained to provide special care to an elderly individual or someone with special needs.  A caregiver has a combination of education and experience working with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Paralysis, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and many other conditions.

At Diamond Personnel, we offer an excellent alternative to institutionalized care. Our Eldercare and Special Needs Program allows seniors, persons with disabilities and individuals with special needs to remain in their own homes while receiving optimal personalized care. This means that you or a family member will receive one-on-one care from a high-quality and experienced caregiver. Many of our trained caregivers will also assist with household duties such as cooking, light housekeeping and laundry as time permits. This level of personalized care is not available in any public or private long-term care facility.

Our candidates are dedicated and committed to working as a caregiver. All of our applicants have several years of experience working with the elderly or special needs individuals, and many have completed specialized geriatric training. All our applicants meet our stringent screening criteria (see Diamond Screening)

Diamond’s eldercare companions and Personal Support Workers (PSW) are skilled, experienced and passionate about care giving. Most consider housekeeping and meal preparation a part of their job, so you can be assured that you or your family member is receiving the quality and extent of care that is required. Most of our candidates work five days per week. If necessary, 24-hour care and weekend relief can also be arranged with multiple caregivers.

If caring for a family member has become increasingly challenging, the staff at Diamond Personnel can help. We provide in-home, full-time, permanent live-in or live-out care.

Household Staffing


Diamond Housekeepers have experience cleaning homes and are familiar with maintenance and care of finer items.  Duties range from daily maintenance to heavy cleaning, laundry and cooking. Diamond housekeepers are available full time live in or live out. Diamond housekeepers are detailed and proactive.   Housekeeper’s salaries are typically $15.00-$20.00 per hour.

Executive Housekeepers

An Executive Housekeeper is a seasoned and confident housekeeper with experience in a high-level household. Duties range from meticulous day-to-day maintenance of the home, laundry, fine wardrobe management, a familiarity with fine furnishings, polishing silver, menu planning, cooking, ironing of clothing and household linens and more. Executive housekeepers must be able to work independently or on a team, and may be expected to report to an Estate Manager or Executive Household Manager. Executive housekeepers have a high standard for discretion, social etiquette and interpersonal skills. Compensation starts at $50,000 per year plus benefits.

Estate Managers

An Estate Manager functions as the director of a large property or multiple residences.  Estate managers supervise household staff and must have experience in human resources, management and event planning.  Estate managers must have a business degree or training program, social etiquette and interpersonal skills.  A strong understanding of technology is required.  The compensation for an estate manager is typically $85,000-$150,000 per year plus benefits

Household Managers/ Butlers

A Household Manager ensures the smooth and orderly running of a household.  They manage daily schedules and duties of all household staff and arrange external services and work with maintenance companies to ensure the proper functioning of the household.  They may also be required to provide hands on services. Duties include budgeting, keeping supplies stocked, making travel arrangements, maintaining care of employers valuables, planning events and running errands.  They may manage the house alone or under the supervision of an estate manager.  They possess previous household management experience and may be professionally certified.  Compensation is between $50-100,000 per year plus benefits

House Couples

A house couple may serve in either a formal or informal setting.  Each person will have a separate role which may be a combination of nanny, housekeeper, grounds keeper, household manager, chauffeur, or handyman.  Couples may live on the premises or off site. The salary range is dependent upon experience and duties.  Salaries are generally in the $60-150,000 per year.

Personal Assistant

A Personal Assistant would manage the personal, professional and household affairs of her employer.  Candidates provide administrative, travel and budgeting support.  Personal assistants generally have a B.A., excellent oral and written skills and knowledge of social and business protocol.  Compensation is $20.00 + per hour


Chauffeurs provide transportation for their employer and family.  Candidates must have an excellent driving record and experience. They are professional, friendly and have excellent social etiquette skills. Chauffeurs are responsible for all aspects of the care of the cars. Compensation is $50,000 +