As Canada's most trusted agency, we take the stress out of finding the right fit for your home with expertly vetted childcare, eldercare and household professionals who truly feel like family.

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As one of the longest-standing nanny and household staffing agencies in Canada, we proudly lead our industry and have been recognized for our accomplishments.

Award-Winning Nanny & 
Household Staffing Agency

We stand behind our placements. If for some reason it is not the right match, we have a four-month guarantee on our placements. This means that within that time-period if things are simply not working out, we will conduct a search for a replacement at no additional charge. Our dedicated team will work quickly to ensure that your needs are met as quickly as possible.

The Diamond Satisfaction Guarantee


The Diamond Success System is an effective training and orientation tool to communicate your routines, job duties and expectations to your new hire. We help you develop a long-term relationship built on clear communication, feedback, and respect. Reduce the risk of staff turnover with the Diamond Success System — an online tool created just for you!

The Diamond Success System


Our clients don’t have time to research employment standards and payroll legislation. Our consultants eliminate stress by providing advice on labour standards, employment contracts and payroll deductions. We provide ongoing support, resources, and information every step of the way. We protect you from unnecessary mistakes with the hiring process. Leave the headaches to us!

The Compliance Navigator


How will you know your caregiver is the “right fit” for your family? Our intensive sourcing, screening, testing and matching deliver exceptional caregivers, eldercare professionals, and household support. Our recruiters search extensively for exceptional talent, so the anxiety of making the right choice is eliminated. We do all the work for you!

The Recruitment Advantage


With a clear definition of expectations, our clients have the security and confidence that Diamond delivers on our promises. Our goal, as Canada’s best caregiver and household staffing agency, is to far exceed your expectations and to help you find the best fit for your family. 

The Discovery Process


In an increasingly automated and out-of-touch industry, Diamond is committed to providing unparalleled service to our clients through the Diamond Experience™. Our unique process ensures your needs are properly identified, you are matched with the right fit, you remain in regulatory compliance, and your new hire successfully integrates into your household.


The Diamond Experience™

Our placement consultants search nationwide to interview, screen and select the best candidates for our families. 

The Diamond screening process is far more extensive than any other agency in Canada. We only accept candidates who rank in the top 10%. This ensures that the candidates we present to our clients match expectations and have the qualifications desired.

Extensive application process

Personal face to face behavioural screening interview

Verification of legal documentation

Verbal Confirmation of References

Minimum of One Year of professional experience 

CPR and FIRST AID certification

Personality Assessment

English Testing (as required)

Criminal Background Checks

Available at the client’s request: driver’s abstract, credit checks

Our 10-Point Diamond Screening

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In the late 1980’s our founder, Audrey Guth, found herself searching for what would quickly become one of the most valuable persons in her life - a nanny. With four children, a dog, a career, and a husband equally committed to his business, she searched to no avail for the right support for her family.

So, she left her career to start Diamond Personnel in 1988, committing to providing the support she herself as a working mother desperately needed but never found. Through the years her promise to families has remained a blueprint for our agency - to honor those utilizing our services by connecting them with superior support so they have peace of mind and confidence that they have the best care for their loved ones.

Through innovation and transformation we have adapted to an ever evolving industry but never wavered from our core values. Our clients know that Diamond Personnel is an ethical and transparent agency that they can trust!

The company is now owned and operated by the Founder's daughter, Shauna Guth and her expert team. Shauna is a busy working mother of two beautiful children. With the support of an amazing Diamond nanny Shauna has grown the company to new heights and continues to be recognized as the #1 Agency for professional nannies, caregivers and household staff.

Founded Upon Family and a Fierce Determination to Provide Professional 
Support for Busy Families

  • Provide accurate information about the position, hours, job duties, wages, location and caregiver responsibilities.
  • Abide by all laws reflective of employment standards ie: transportation, payroll tax remittances and records, overtime, vacation pay.
  • Honour and respect the employment contract and terms of the family agreement.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Provide all salary payments to your employee in a timely manner according to schedule set out in employment agreement
  • Provide ongoing instruction and direction, performance reviews, and positive feedback to your employee.
  • Provide Diamond with prompt payment as per the terms of fees in the referral agreement.
  • Be understanding and respectful of cultural differences.

Your Promise to Us: 

  • Conduct business in an integrity based, ethical and compliant way according to all laws governing the placement of in home staff.
  • Protect all confidential information provided by you.
  • Present only personally interviewed, screened, referenced, and experienced candidates who truly stand out among their peers as exceptional.
  • Provide accurate and timely feedback during the recruitment and placement process and follow-up consultation after commencement of employment.
  • Deliver up to date information on labour standards, wages and payroll deductions.
  • Offer First Aid and CPR training to all hires.
  • Consult with clients throughout the hiring, orientation and integration process.
  • Negotiate Salary and benefits package.
  • Honour our replacement guarantee.

Our Promise to You:

We are about your success - when you win, we win! To create a successful partnership, here's what we promise and ask of you.

The Partnership Plan:
Our Diamond Commitment to You

Samantha C.

She has been a partner in not only making sure my daughter grows up safe and healthy, but also polite, kind, and educated from an early age. I am so fortunate to have found Maria with Diamond’s help, as my life could not be as it is without her."

"Maria hasn’t simply joined our family, she has grown up with it, and is fundamental to it. 

Wooley Family

She is always taking the kids to the parks to do outdoor activities and gets the two older boys to school on time. Sheila is the best cook ever she can make homemade dumplings, wontons, stir fry, spaghetti, homemade garlic lemon chicken fingers and the list goes on. 

"Sheila has the most positive, resilient and heart felt personality. Sheila is an early riser and every morning she is happy and upbeat and 100% reliable.

Sonja J.

Had an amazing experience looking for a household manager + nanny all in one. Diamond Personnel was great to work with. The process felt comprehensive. I felt heard. Shauna kept me regularly up to date on what was happening, which I appreciated. 

"We found a wonderful match. Our family is so happy! Highly recommend."

Jesse G

The process was seamless, professional, and their decades of experience really shows. They turned a process that would otherwise be stressful into a walk in the park. Life is so much easier with good help at home.

"I have had the pleasure of working with the Diamond team to fill a House Manager role and couldn’t be happier. "

It's time to find the perfect fit.