Nanny of the Month: Cherilona

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The dream of coming to Canada is one that all Diamond Nannies share, and it is a long and hard road. Once the dream becomes a reality, though, excitement can turn into nerves for many – but not for our Cherilona! It takes a special type of nanny to fearlessly come to Canada, ready to embrace her new family. Her energy, welcoming attitude and courage are what make Cherilona our Nanny of the Month.   Cherilona’s journey took her to Sexsmith, Alberta, where she entered a world of farming. It was 2012, and waiting for her was a happy and loving...

Three Things to Look for When Hiring a Nanny

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The worst nightmare for many parents is to fall victim to the biggest nanny hiring mistakes. The benefits of hiring a nanny are apparent, but only if parents end up hiring a nanny or live in caregiver that is competent. Shine.Yahoo.Com posted an article on November 8, describing a family that had experienced many of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes, entitled "5 Things Parents Need to Consider Before Hiring a Nanny." This article was written by parents that are currently on their fifth nanny in two years! After making so many mistakes, they decided to write a piece about...

Nanny of the Month: Amely

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Putting others first is something that Amely has been doing well before she arrived to Canada as a Diamond Nanny. She had been working as a professional caregiver for over half a decade, serving families in Lebanon and Hong Kong. Since her arrival to Toronto in September 2012, Amely has surpassed her employers’ wildest expectations! She has become an integral part of the family, and they couldn’t imagine their family today without her. Amely and their son adore each other, and she has gained the trust, respect and friendship of her employers. Due to her dedication to their family’s welfare,...

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Nanny?

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Child rearing is a difficult, but ultimately rewarding, challenge. The best nanny agencies are a huge help to parents who are raising children. Nanny services entail having a professional caregiver to provide care for the children while you're away with your career or other important work. Hiring a caregiver will give your children plenty of one-on-one attention without disrupting their schedule. There are several benefits of hiring a nanny, all of which are worthy of your consideration. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a nanny!1. Trust. According to ModernMom, an online parenting resource, if you...

“Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Nanny Over Daycare”: an Article

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There are a multitude of reasons as to why employing a nanny is more advantageous for your family: cost, flexibility and convenience are the first major reasons that come to mind. The only way to really decide which childcare option is better suited for your family is to evaluate your family's needs. We invite you to read over's article, "Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Nanny Over Daycare." Enjoy!