The Importance of Performance Reviews

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Whether an employee works at a law firm, retail space, or in a private household, they are an employee and regular performance reviews should be conducted to maintain an effective working relationship. Constructive feedback should be provided on a regular basis – not waiting for once-a-year performance evaluations. Ideally, reviews should take place every 3-6 months.                

When conducting the review with your household employee, it is best to choose a private location and to use the “sandwich” approach. Always start and finish with the positive. This puts the employee in a favorable frame of mind and makes them more amenable to suggestions for improvement.

After reviewing old goals and constructively providing feedback setting new goals is a crucial component of every successful performance review. When you and your employee set goals, you give your employee something to work toward. You give them a way to quantify their success.

It is also best to end on a positive note, as this will dictate how they receive the performance review and their performance moving forward. If the last thing they hear is negative, it will likely affect everything they do when they return to work. Even if the employee has plenty of things to work on end on a positive note so they feel good about themselves, secure in their job and eager to improve.

There are several benefits to conducting performance reviews. First, employees understand that they will be held accountable for their performance. Second, it is an opportunity to touch base with your employee, discuss any concerns you or they may have, and apprise them of any changes within the household. Third, employees need to know that they are valued so it is a great opportunity to provide recognition for a job well done.

During the process of the review you might discover that the employee’s responsibilities have expanded considerably since they were initially hired. In this case, you might consider a compensation review and offering a raise or benefits to reflect this role expansion or reward them for their hard work and commitment.

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